Brian Stewart

After DMC

Brian Stewart's transformation with DMC

Pablo is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

I initially picked DMC as i knew Davie and Pablo via a mutual friend; Davie found out about my back injury and invited me up for a session.

I picked up an injury via my muay thai training some 10 months ago, i had been to two physios and a chiropractor but still had intermittent lower back issues.

My initial goals were to become pain free and along the journey lose weight/body fat.

I spent 10 sessions with Pablo we concentrated on core stability and strength, as the weeks went on I felt I could do more and more each week, Pablo also helped me with my nutrition/diet. Introducing something that I never thought I would even try as I had written them off in the past. He definitely helped me reassess my eating structure and helped me understand what food/fuel the body needs and at what times of the day. I now have a food regime that I am sticking to.

Pablo is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

Some of the exercises initially exacerbated my injury but Pablo adapted my programme around this.

After the 10 weeks I was definitely on the road to recovery, aided me so much more that the physio’s and chiro I had previously visited.

After visiting DMC I have developed a different view to training, doing more varied exercises rather than going to a gym and doing the same boring stuff over and over again.

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