Brian contacted DMC Fitness after reading an article on Facebook and has completely transformed his life

After DMC

Brian lost 4 stone in just 12 weeks and burned over 30 inches

It was November 2012 and I was massively overweight with no motivation to do anything about it, quite content to continue the way I had been for the past 27 years and I caught a status update of a friend on Facebook about DMC Fitness, which I clicked on and started reading. Fast forward 3 months and I am standing looking in the mirror over 4 stone lighter, upwards of 30 inches smaller, full of self-confidence and a motivation that I could never even have dreamt of previously, all this over an indulgent Christmas and New Year period when traditionally managing your weight is the last thing on your mind.

When I met Davie at my free consultation, I was immediately struck by his positivity and knowledge. Sitting in the reception area at DMC HQ, I was talking to a man who had been where I was, felt the lows that I had and come out of the other side a far healthier, happier and complete person. I think this is what won me over immediately to give it a go as I wasn’t being lectured to by someone who couldn’t possibly know what being overweight and unhealthy felt like; rather, I was being encouraged from the get-go by a friend to make a change. I will never forget one of the comments that Davie made in our initial chat; “I promise we will have you wearing a medium T-Shirt when you go on your summer holiday” – I definitely thought this was some sort of joke when he said it, but little did I know I would get there with months to spare.

Davie introduced me to the whole team individually, took me through my induction and asked if I was “ready to make a positive change” – which after chatting for an hour, I definitely was. I was assigned Grant as my coach and honestly have not looked back since. It may sound a bit of a cliché but in my time at DMC, I have really turned around a huge amount of my life. I bounce out of bed ahead of my regular 7am session; a thought that horrified me when it was first suggested. Grant is another person who knows exactly what it is like to change given that he started his journey as one of Davie’s students some years before and now he practices and preaches what he knows, again with a huge amount of encouragement, understanding and good humour.

I always imagined personal training to be very much like it is portrayed through television programmes, either it would be someone standing watching you on a treadmill for an hour, or it would be military-style punishment and I am glad to say DMC is neither.

Training is mixed and varied and is tailored to what I need. One week, I asked Grant if I could try some boxing; the next week I was taped and gloved-up, strutting around the gym with the Rocky theme going through my head with every punch I landed on the equipment. Whilst the sessions are a massive part of the programme, the knowledge that is given to you about food along the way is vast and really interesting. It’s not about starving yourself, eating only one thing or faddy diets; it is all about gaining a whole new knowledge of how food and your body works, which I feel I am beginning to appreciate. I have had a few lapses along the road but that is all part of the journey.

Every time you hit a milestone of shedding another stone with DMC Fitness, you stand in the middle of the gym and ring a giant bell to celebrate your success. Given that my goal was weight loss, it was my 18th session when I stood and rang it for the 4th time. Since then, I have continued training with DMC and have changed my goals from weight loss to aiming to compete in some form of kettlebell competition before 2013 is out and overall feel a much happier and healthier person. I really cannot recommend DMC enough to everyone I meet and to those friends and family who have been astounded by my transformation. I have gained so much from my time with the team and count them all as friends as well as trainers.

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