Caroline Anderson

After DMC

Caroline Anderson's transformation with DMC

If you want to change your shape and KEEP it has to be DMC. It really works…

I Started with DMC in August 2011

As a 45 year old women with 4 children and in the early stages of menopause, I wanted to stop the middle age spread in its tracks. I was used to exercise and would workout every day for an hour and also do yoga once a week. I thought I was quite fit but could not get the shape that I wanted i.e.: the flat stomach, tight muscles.

I knew Davie and was impressed by his web page testimonials, I could not believe the before and after, the results where amazing so I decided to go for it.

My first session was hard work but very enjoyable, having my routine made to suit me and my injured shoulder and back problem was great also having a food sheet to monitor what I ate was good, it makes you think about what you are putting into your body. Within couple of weeks my shoulder was not sore and my back much stronger. I could not believe that I was doing less exercise and getting results as fast as I was, you think looking at the before and after pictures of other DMC clients that they maybe photo shopped but, I know now that they are very much the real thing, I have now got a firmer fitter figure than I had in my twenties and I’m wearing a skirt that I wore when I was 19 Fantastic!!!

In 12 weeks I lost 7lbs, 16 inches from my body, 5 from my stomach (BMI 22 and athletic for my age)

I still do my workouts which have been updated they are getting more challenging but still enjoyable to do, which is strange. If you want to change your shape and KEEP it has to be DMC. It really works…

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