Training at DMC has changed Catriona's whole outlook on health and fitness

Before DMC
After DMC

Catriona's friends have all complimented her on how fantastic she looks

I’ve always been very lucky in that I’ve managed to eat what I want and stay fairly slim but for a long time, I had suffered from several ailments that I thought were just normal, plus unbeknownst to me I was bringing them upon myself through poor diet and nutrition. My partner and longtime DMC student and overall fanatic Graeme Bain introduced me to the world of DMC. What I thought would just be simply a few training sessions with your bog-standard personal trainer became a complete education on health and fitness with the amazing and passionate Davie (plus the rest of the brilliant team at DMC).  This has now put me onto a lifetime path of health and happiness and I can honestly say I have never felt as good as I do now.

In the beginning, I had my initial goal. I wasn’t looking to lose a lot of weight but simply feel confident about my body; I wanted to be slim, toned and look smokin’ in a bikini – or specifically have a tighter ass (haha)! I mean, what 24 year girl doesn’t want that?  I did have a desire to have a better understanding on how to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle but at that point, that came second on the list to the tighter ass. How funny it is now to have fallen in love with my new lifestyle that my initial goal seems so secondary. My body looks great but that has just simply come along with everything that I have learnt and fallen in love with.

During my first session, Davie made me feel so at ease, and straight away I felt like I was part of the team. So much positivity seeps out of all the trainers and the atmosphere is brilliant – really not what I expected. I was actually really nervous but there was no need to be. Part of my first session involved running through my diet. I explained to Davie that having migraines and waking up feeling  ‘groggy’  most mornings was a pretty normal thing to me, and he highlighted straight away that it was my diet that was causing all these issues and that together, we could eradicate these things completely! I was skeptical at first, but I took on board everything he said and I started off my 30 day cleanse.

The difference in me just after my initial 30 days was incredible. I had more energy, my skin was looking better and I was also sleeping better than I ever had before. This was mainly due to the fact I was feeding my body the right nutrition and not junk which sat in my system making me uncomfortable and ill, although I’m sure the early morning workouts had a little something to do with it too!  Having Davies’s guidance, support and get-go in my sessions made me push myself further than I had ever done before. He unleashed so much of the potential I never realised I had.

Davie also introduced me to Mega Greens powder – one of the best things I have taken away from the whole experience! Along with the migraines, I was often feeling very fatigued, and blood tests from the doctor informed me that my iron levels were a little low and that I needed to improve my diet by introducing more iron into it. The Mega Greens is a simple veg supplement that is absolutely packed with goodness; it’s a natural energy booster and is full of plenty of iron. With the introduction of a daily Greens drink, and all the other improvements I made in my diet to be more alkaline, my iron levels have been restored to their normal levels and I can really feel the difference. Initially, I can’t say it was the tastiest of drinks but I have actually really grown to enjoy them. There is something really nice about having something that you know is super good for you, plus I throw it in my protein shake sometimes and you hardly notice the difference.

Another big realisation for me was discovering I was actually constantly dehydrated. I have never been a tea or coffee drinker and I could manage to go the whole day just having a glass of juice with my dinner. I learned  that your body can mistake dehydration for hunger so rather than drinking a glass of water, I would reach for some kind of snack, probably an unhealthy one at that, and leave my body in a worse off place, struggling to even function properly! People really underestimate the importance of hydration and how much of an effect it has on our bodies and how we get through the day. I now average 4 litres a day, a complete 180 for me, starting the day with 500ml within 15 minutes of waking up as well as a daily hot water and lemon and a daily green tea…all that as well as the Greens of course!

My time at DMC taught me so much; I have become stronger, leaner and really toned up. In my last week of coaching, I was out with friends and everyone was asking me what exercises I had been doing cause I was looking great – it was a lovely feeling. People can see the difference in my body and I can too but for me it’s the way I now feel! Just simply good inside 🙂

DMC has put me on the path to my new healthy lifestyle. I have fallen in love with creating gorgeous, home-cooked meals that are delicious yet all gluten, wheat and dairy free. I love my treats and I know they are meant to be treats, but there is so much joy in creating something yourself so you know exactly what’s in it and you can enjoy it guilt free! I have always been passionate about being careful of what I put on my skin, and through my work I now take complete care to not put any harsh chemicals on it and to keep it relatively toxin free. After my time at DMC, I now understand that it shouldn’t be any different for my body! I couldn’t recommend DMC any higher, I have seen the incredible weight loss results people have achieved first-hand but for me, that has just been an added bonus.

P.s I got that tight ass – thank god for squats!

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