Dave Brunton

After DMC

Dave Brunton's transformation with DMC

I had been working at home with a personal trainer for some time, where we had made improvements, however the financial implications and being in that “comfort zone”, were becoming a concern. I felt that the time was right for a change and a new challenge.

A mid life crisis perhaps, the feeling of middle age setting, call it what you may, but surely there is plenty of time left for something new, something different, something out of my comfort zone?

Yes is the answer to those questions. Davie MacConnachie is that something different, something new, and without a moments hesitation something out of your comfort zone.

It was, and is absolutely clear he has “walked the walk” and can definitely “talk the talk”. From having absolutely no serious boxing experience, I can now deliver a “fast and powerful left jab” followed by an “absolutely devastating right cross”, his words not mine.

What a feeling of satisfaction that is for me, a middle aged former over weight professional.

To be able to climb into a boxing ring and acquit yourself with some degree of success and competence, is a testament to his teaching skills, ability to motivate and dedication to his chosen profession.

Kettle bells, press ups and their associated variations, burpee ladders and skipping are all now within my competence and my control.

Thirty press ups and increasing every morning – no sweat.

Davie will not ask you to do anything he has not done himself nor can do himself. That is were the reassurance comes from that you are in the right hands.

I certainly will not be the new Joe Calzage, but I can now step in to the ring and hit those pads with my head held high.

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