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David Wilson

My name’s David Wilson. I’m 47 years old and I work in the IT industry. I started with DMC ten years ago.

I used to go to school many moons ago with Davie and I’d seen him posting some clips online about the gym and the one-to-one training that he did in here.

So I kind of watched that for probably the best part of about a year. I hadn’t done anything about it. And back in the day, I suppose I still do as well,  I was running a lot and I was competing in races. Not at a high level, but I was training pretty hard and doing races and my times were static. I didn’t seem to be moving forward.

So I got in touch, I reached out to Davie and said, “How’s things? What’s happening? Can I come in and have a wee chat?”

So I came in and had a chat and we went through what I was experiencing in my training, how I was going about my training what was working for me, what wasn’t. Food was a big part of it as well.

So we started training, pretty lightly at first and then probably within the first six months, my running really improved. I was hitting PB after PB, After PB. So that was predominant my reasons for coming along. That and getting in shape as well and keeping an eye on my health.

I work in quite a stressful industry, so getting the chance to train and train hard sometimes gets that level of aggression out. It gets endorphins going. I think for mental health as well, it’s really good and keeps you positive, keeps you moving forward. That’s the main drivers for me.

Working with guys out there who are passionate about what they do is really important because it keeps you focused on what you’re doing. When you’ve been training for a long time you kind of need to keep that focus in. There’s times where you wave in and out a bit. It’s like seasonal type training. Sometimes you’re up for it, sometimes you’re not.

But when you come in here, this is a good vibe, so you always get a session in here, that’s why I enjoy it.

David resistance band

You change your training as you get to be bit older as well. So I’m still running. I’m in the middle of a challenge. Just now I’m just over 900 days of doing 5K’s every day. The strength of my leg conditioning keeps me going.  

Grant who I train with knows my body’s capabilities really well and the injuries that I have picked up over the years.

I’ve got a damaged knee that happened through football. snapped ACL so Grant’s really adept at training around when my knee pops out,  how I can train what I can train when I can train it. He helps me and keeps me focused on it.

I work well with somebody coaching me, rather than me just going to the gym aimlessly, wandering about, lifting weights. So I think the focus on working through like 6 to 12 week’s worth of sessions with Grant on different areas and different sets and sometimes I follow his own training as well, which is really good.  At the moment we’re  going through more core stability, flexibility and keeping me injury-free as possible. So that’s the main reason I keep coming back.

I remember back to the first time when I walked in the gym. It’s a wee bit daunting what’s going on around you. There’s a lot of people that look strong, lean, hungry. They want to train hard. You can see them lifting heavy weights.

But just come out and see. It’s a good vibe. It’s a really good gym. The trainers are really good. Davie and Julie who run the gym are awesome people so I wouldn’t have any hesitation. Just come and just do it. Take the first step. It’s always worth it.