David completely transforms himself with the help of DMC and takes his running hobby to whole new levels

Before DMC
After DMC

David burned 14.5 inches of fat from around his body, dropped nearly a stone in weight and his body fat percentage went from just under 20% to 14.6%

The story goes something like this…

I had been out with a client for lunch and noticed that he had shed a lot of weight. Curious, I asked how he went about it and the reply was that he had been to see Davie McConnachie who owns DMC Fitness and signed up to the programme. I must admit I was impressed by the sheer amount of weight that had been lost in a short period of time and how much more focused over lunch Brian had become about what he would eat and would not eat. Being a fitness fanatic myself, I was keen to hear the story and the different techniques that DMC had used on Brian to get the weight off and tone him up. It was one of those things that I didn’t think I would look at until it started praying on my mind how much work I put in to my training and don’t really see the rewards from. Yeah, I had lost lots of weight and I was a quick runner, but I wasn’t 100% with how things were going if truth be told.

Brian explained that he was working out with Grant at DMC and how hard he was pushing him during training, focusing on kettlebells, strength and certain things called ‘finishers’, which sounded terrible in my opinion. Brian said that I should go down and have a chat with Davie to see if it was my type of thing but I didn’t really take him on board until after the festive period in January when I felt I hadn’t trained that much and had put on a few pounds. I knew that when I started running again, I would be able to shift it so didn’t really worry that much but around early February the weight hadn’t shifted and as much as I have formidable willpower, I wasn’t focused on my training as much. I started thinking about how Brian had lost the weight and he was really showing changes in his shape and diet it got me mulling over DMC again.

I started to watch the videos that DMC had produced and put on YouTube and also subscribed to the Facebook page. The more I looked, the more I thought about it. Out of the blue, I contacted Davie over Facebook and he immediately replied to come in and see him. Nervous and having no idea what I was in store for, I went along and met Davie at my appointment. We went through my training regime that I was on and how I was probably over training in most instances and not getting any dietary advice, which he felt was key to the work I was doing. We spoke in great detail about my goals and what I wanted from DMC. I spoke about how each year my running was getting faster but I had hit a bit of a flat in the past year and couldn’t seem to get a better time no matter how many races I had taken part in. Davie instantly started to pick where I was going wrong and how he could help me realise my goals, he was so confident about how he could change that I decided to sign up there and them. He made one thing clear: if you listen to what we say and do what we say, you will make huge improvements. These words still stick with me today…so many folk go in to things half-hearted and then complain about the results. I was determined that this wouldn’t be the scenario for me and if I was being monitored, I would cut the mustard.

My first session was an introduction to what I would be doing over the first ten blocks of my training, not much involved and as I thought, (wrongly) “this is easy”. Oh how wrong a statement that was. The next session was a fitness test to see how fit I was at the start, I presumed this was going to be gauged at the end also. The fitness test was a real eye opener for me, lots of changes to what I thought was a good workout. More focus around the actual techniques using kettle bells, pull ups, squats etc. I left feeling shattered but pretty good in the knowledge that I had a real good workout. Two days later, the pain kicked in and I distinctly remember trying to sit on the loo! I was like an old man waiting on a double hip operation, totally destroyed. I didn’t get much training in that week due to the amount of muscle pain I was in.

The following week’s session was based around food and a welcome break from the pain that I had endured during most of the previous week. I wasn’t going to let the initial pain put me off going back and I knew it would eventually break. The food and stats session was again a real eye opener when my stats were rhymed off to me. I was sure I had a good diet but key to everything that I know now is food related and how it impacts my body. Grant explained that I needed a good mix of good fats and proteins would work in my favour and drop the pounds. Keep clear of carbs until I had gotten under 15% body fat then I could look at items such as sweet potato. I hear what you are thinking and no, pizzas are not a good carb. I took heed of everything that was asked of me and stuck to it (barring the odd beer).

Over the coming months, working with Grant at DMC I was amazed at the changes my body went through, total transformation is probably a more accurate statement. I had lost the fat and really noticed the difference in my muscles. Grant worked on my strength and areas that would help my goals in running and increase speed. Each week working that bit harder and then at the end of a block, testing my fitness either with a 300 routine or a Spartan 300 routine, which believe me at first is a scary thought. It’s a hard shift but well worth it in rewards. Grant was teaching me more about how to exercise and the gains I could get if I followed what he had told me. His advice and counsel didn’t fall on deaf ears. He’s a superb coach and really knows his stuff.

My body stats in 20 sessions were shocking. I managed to lose 14.5 inches of fat around my body, dropped nearly a stone in weight and my body fat percentage went from just under 20% to 14.6%. I’m sure those stats tell the story.

Running season started with one major bang. On the first race of the season, I managed a new personal best. It wasn’t a small gain; I had managed to knock off more than 1 min in time over anything I had done in the past. The following week I set another personal best on a hard course, this time by around 20 seconds. I was flying and I knew it was down to the expert training and food advice. Another week on and another personal best, I thought the first might have been a fluke but not three weeks in row. I felt amazing and a totally transformed runner. Over the coming few weeks, my times just got better and better which was astonishing.

Now that my training and diet are spot on, there really are no limits to what can be achieved. My goals have been smashed out the park. My running, fitness and wellbeing are at an all-time high. Could I have done this myself? Possibly but the help that DMC and Grant have given me is worth its weight in gold. Really, I can’t speak highly enough of the team and Grant in particular. He’s an awesome coach. Just watch out for the cheeky smile when he says at the end of each session “we’ve got time for a finisher mate”. It usually means torture of some sorts that does finish you!

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