Davie Campbell

Before DMC
After DMC

Davie joined DMC because he was no longer getting the results he wanted from his local gym. Our expert trainers helped refine Davie's training and nutrition to help him achieve his goals.

I’d been a member of my local gym for 11 years, but I was becoming a bit disheartened with my training and wasn’t really seeing the results I wanted to any more. After a bit of research, I came across DMC Fitness and was impressed by their clients’ success stories and decided to book in for a consultation.

Their approach and professionalism really shone through and their knowledge around nutrition and training was very impressive.

I signed up in October 2015 and my initial goals were around losing body fat and building lean muscle. In the time I’ve been at DMC Fitness, I’ve done both and look (and feel) so much better.

Things I enjoy most about my training and coaching include the one to one advice from Pablo around getting the most out of my training, his advice on nutrition, and the best eating plan for me to achieve and maintain my goals.

Seeing the results of my training and finding out more about nutrition and what type of training works for me has encouraged to keep coming back – so much so that I’ve signed up for another 10 sessions with DMC! 

Big thank you to Pablo and the DMC Fitness Team as they have been fantastic!

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