Full time mum Elaine Kelly lost 6.5 stone through personal training at DMC Fitness

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Mother of two, Elaine Kelly, aged 33, lost nearly 7 stone in a year through personal training and healthy eating. Three years on she's adopted a completely new lifestyle as a regular exerciser.

Two years after losing 6.5 stones with DMC Fitness, I am still lean, healthy and loving my training!

This isn’t an ordinary transformation testimonial. I started losing weight in October 2009 and by October 2010 I had shed 6.5 stones of fat. The difference is, that two years on from that I am still in the same place – lean, healthy and loving my training. I firmly believe that this is because of the way I lost the weight; slowly, consistently while gradually introducing lifestyle changes that I could actually live with. And being able to live your life day to day is key. There is no point in making radical changes that don’t fit in with normal family and social lives because it is never going to be sustainable. Who taught me this? Davie McConnachie at DMC.

In October 2009 I took a major step and accepted responsibility for what I had done to myself; I joined Team DMC. I believe that accepting responsibility for my weight was a major part of successfully losing the weight. I did this to myself. It’s not genetic. I am not just “big boned”. I did this, but I am going to change it. I started exercising regularly and fell in love with the buzz it brings all over again. As a youngster I was a keen squash player, playing for the West of Scotland, but I had let things slide over the years. Starting to exercise again was like wiping the slate clean. I had a fresh start and the past didn’t matter anymore, what was done was done. What was important now was how I was going to change that.

I was terrified going along to that first session. I had no idea what to expect and I had visions of a lycra clad nut with a stopwatch marching me up and down Buchanan St and shouting at me! But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Dressed head to toe in the biggest, baggiest, black gym clothes I could find and trying to hide myself, I met Davie for the first time. I will never forget that moment on Thursday 24th September because that is when my life changed.

I have never met anyone like Davie. His positivity and love of life is infectious and he put me totally at ease. We chatted for a while about why I wanted to change and how we were going to do it. He really understood how I felt and how nervous I was of change and that made all the difference. He was honest about his history and his own personal weight issues. Nothing would have intimidated me more than being that open with somebody that had never been there themselves. That was it. I was hooked and well and truly part of Team DMC!

For a year I was 100% focussed on my goals and it worked. Week after week I consistently lost weight. Over the four week Christmas break, I went back to training lighter. I didn’t allow myself to give in to temptation at a time when chocolate, booze and treats were everywhere. That took some willpower! I then went off for a 6 week summer holiday and again I came back 5lbs lighter. I was absolutely determined that I would get to my goals and I never once lost sight of them. But, for me it was never a struggle. I loved it! I loved feeling healthy, I loved that I never had any regrets about any of my choices. But more that anything I loved the visible changes I could see on my body. I was getting smaller, fitter and stronger. What a buzz!

By October 2010 I had done it! Well, I had done better than that. I was 6.5 stone lighter and a lean dress size 8. I was so proud of myself, all the hard work had paid off. I was getting compliments all the time and a few people didn’t even recognise me. I was more confident than I had ever been. I could walk proudly into the middle of a room full of people, rather than skulking up the side.

Davie and I celebrated our success. With our partners, we went out for a slap up meal and said cheerio to fat Elaine. Even now, Davie and I still high-five when another year passes and my weight is still the same. That’s how much Davie cares. It’s not just a job to him, he emotionally invests in every single client that has struggled with their weight. He understands that everyone is different and adjusts the training and nutritional advice accordingly. He can’t do it all for you, ultimately its down to you to do the hard graft, but he is always there to help when things are tough. You don’t get that level of support when you go to a weight loss class.

But losing a significant amount of weight doesn’t come without challenges and these challenges can come from the most unlikely of places – friends. When I started dropping weight, I had a conversation that went like this…”I’m gonna lose loads of weight and get down to a size 10. I have never been that size and I really want to”. Friend said “Nah, can’t see it. Maybe a size 12-14 would be realistic”. What! I can tell you, nothing spurred me on more than a challenge and the desire to prove them wrong. Another friend refused to acknowledge my continually changing appearance and actually stopped talking to me. Weird! But I realised that this was more to do with her issues and nothing to do with me.

The journey didn’t end once the weight was gone, instead stage 2 began. Now it’s all about getting strong! And that is hard work. Previously, I had measured my success on a smaller number on the scales each week but strength gains aren’t as quick or consistent. This was difficult to get my head round and for a while I was discouraged. But, now I know that just one more rep, one more set or a slightly shorter rest period is progress. I don’t have to be reduced to a sweaty heap on the floor after every workout for it to have been a successful strength session. Now I look at the bigger picture to measure strength gains. Can I now do a chin up? Yes. Can I now do multiple sets of full push-ups? Yes. Can I now press a heavier weight above my head? Yes. Could I have done any of that last year? No! Progress may be slower, but it is so rewarding.

I can’t thank Davie enough for all he has done for me. He painted a picture of a life I had never dreamed was possible for me and I grabbed it with both hands. This lifestyle is now so ingrained that I don’t even need to think about it anymore, there is definitely no going back for me. I know how to exercise to achieve results, I know how to eat for health and I know how to let my body recover and grow. When Davie says “strength for life”, he really means it.

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