Injured and unable to train Fergus contacted DMC on the back of a recommendation from a friend he has not only completely rehabbed his injury but lost 25lbs and 1.6% body fat.

After DMC

Fergus came to DMC to rehabilitate a painful knee injury. Not only did we help strengthen his knee, Fergus realised considerable improvement in his mental and physical fitness.

I came to DMC on the recommendation of business contacts that had benefited from coaching at DMC.

I commenced training sessions in January, 2012 essentially for the purpose of rehabilitating a knee injury but also to achieve improved core strength and fitness all round. The knee injury was the result of a change in my jogging routine which running impact caused significant pain behind the left knee cap.

I had been a jogger for many years as it was a type of exercise which I could fit into my professional commitments. Following scans and discussion with my consultant the route to recovery suggested was a general build-up of muscle tone and strength in the legs and it therefore seemed the logical step to come to DMC to set down a dedicated fitness and recovery plan which I could use.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of training at DMC and felt considerable fitness benefits both mentally and physically together with a much improved and stronger left knee!

The team have always been welcoming and positive and encouraging in bringing as much out of me as possible for my own good and I would thoroughly recommend DMC to anyone seeking improved health and fitness benefits for whatever reason.

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