Fiona has eradicated years of suffering from migraines by following the DMC programme

Before DMC
After DMC

Fiona has not suffered from a single migraine since she started following the DMC programme 7 weeks ago

I would say my DMC journey began a couple of years ago when I was first introduced to Davie and Julie through friends and Davie spoke to me and told me about the gym. Even although I wasn’t a student back then, I would say that was the start of it all!

Having suffered migraines throughout most of my teenage and adult life, I was always given different medications by the doctors and continually asked if I consumed a lot of cheese, coffee or red wine as these are the ‘normal’ triggers. After years of this all being unsuccessful, I was told that the best way to resolve my migraines was to go on preventative medication that involved me taking daily medication for as long as I needed to. This was when I decided to investigate other options.

Around about the same time, we bumped into Davie and Julie while we were out and I shared my thoughts with them. Davie told me that by simply keeping a weekly food diary, he could solve my migraine problem by looking at what I was eating. If I am completely honest – I didn’t really believe he could!! However, I decided to give it a try. At this point, I still wasn’t a DMC student (even though I knew now that I wanted to be!) It wasn’t until I saw Julie’s 11 week transformation photo in preparation for their wedding that I was hooked and my journey as a DMC student finally began.

As a PE teacher, I always believed I led an active lifestyle and had a healthy diet. I have been a member of large commercial gyms for years but became bored after doing the same things all the time (running machines, cross trainers, weight machines – you know the sorts!) and as a result, my visits became more ‘one-offs’ than regular gym sessions. I’ve always been lucky to have been a size 8-10 all throughout my teenage and adult life but as a result of not exercising as frequently, I could feel the difference and see the changes. I was stuck in a rut with not wanting to visit the gym but knew that I needed to in order to make the changes I wanted. I arranged my free consultation at DMC Fitness and I knew it was for me before the 60 minute taster session had even come to an end. I couldn’t wait to finally start my training as a DMC student!

Pablo was assigned the job as my coach and after week one, I could already feel the changes in my body and, as a result, my mind. The nutritional advice and guidance has been such a learning curve for me and taught me so much about the food I am putting into my body and the effects it has. I am now on week seven of my training programme and have not looked back. Every week, I drive through wondering what exciting routines and circuits I’m going to get given as I get pushed to my max by Pablo. I am motivated in my training and I want to keep getting better, fitter, stronger and healthier. I would say this is mainly because I know that it’s all working and can see and feel the effects happening in my body.

As I said previously, I’m on week seven and I have not suffered a migraine since starting my DMC journey. So I have to say – Davie was right! He could cure me after all! My programme has been designed around my own needs and goals that I wanted to achieve. Although Pablo is my coach (and a fabulous one at that!) every single crew member makes you feel like you are part of the DMC family. Whether it is a little chat about how your week has gone or a little tip about a cool down stretch as they walk past, it makes all the difference. I can’t recommend DMC fitness high enough; they really are the best at what they do!

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