Forbes Bryce

After DMC

Forbes Bryce's transformation with DMC

I’m one of those guys who, every now and again makes a decision to get myself off the sofa get fit and join a gym.

You know the story:

Day 1 – Full of commitment and resolve I go to the Gym and have a great workout. I’m shattered but feel great. This continues for the first week and at the end of it, I’ve lost a couple of pounds and feel better.

Week 2
The story continues and the fitness again improves by the end of the week I’ve lost another couple of pounds. Result!

Week 3
It’s getting a wee bitty repetitive and boring – by the end of the week I don’t feel any fitter and the scales show my weight hasn’t budged.

Week 4
Day 1 – It’s raining. I’m really tired. There’s a great programme on the telly…..
The sofa wins again….

Not with DMC. Working with big Davie has been brilliant. He’s results focused and as a result I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and that’s not bad at 54. Also, after 7 months I’m still attending every week.

Davie has a genuine passion for what he does and takes great delight in your successes. He makes getting fit fun whilst staying focused on getting results.

So unless you are determined, focused and committed to getting results from your local gym, don’t waste your money. You’ll get so much more from taking on DMC

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