Gary Simpson

After DMC

Gary lost 20 pounds while training with DMC Fitness.

I cannot recommend the DMC highly enough. The entire team are ultra professional and thorough in their approach to fitness and well being.

I joined almost two and a half years ago and look forward to my weekly sessions. I had scouted other facilities before committing to an initial block booking with DMC.

This place stood out and is head and shoulders above the rest. I initially joined to gain stamina, lose weight and most importantly get a bit fitter.

I was overweight and very unfit having spent the last 20 years sitting and driving all day with very little exercise. On top of that I had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure which meant that I was on medication to control it.

It wasn’t easy at the start but I soon got into the swing of it and subsequently lost around 20 pounds. I have since put a few of these pounds back on since but I am fitter, stronger and in a better place nutritionally.

I don’t need the HBP medication any longer. I have been working with Pablo but have had a number of sessions with the whole team when I needed to change days. On these days the transition is seamless as the team keep records to keep the continuity.

I am 61 now and feel fitter and less stressed than I did when I started. A fantastic team and I hope to continue with my weekly sessions so if you are looking for a place like DMC there is only one.

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