After years of yo-yo dieting, Gerry turned to DMC – in 15 weeks he lost 29lbs, and training is now firmly part of his new healthy lifestyle

Before DMC
After DMC

After years of yo-yo dieting, Gerry turned to DMC. He lost 29lbs in 15 weeks, and training has become a firm part of his new healthy lifestyle.

After many years of the proverbial yo-yo dieting and attendance at the commercial diet classes where the only pounds I lost were from my wallet, a friend of mine who had trained with Davie many years ago, suggested that I go and visit DMC to discuss a possible training regime with pretty much guaranteed weight loss. He was very confident that this would be the place for success as it would provide training, coaching and the 1-2-1 support that I badly needed to keep me motivated.

So I plucked up the courage, faced my fears and booked an initial free consultation with DMC. I was assigned my personal trainer who spoke me through the club’s aims and outlined a possible 12 week programme. Straight away, I decided to place my trust in DMC and embark on the most successful weight loss programme to date.

Initially my plan was to see where the 12-week tailored programme would take me. The primary reason for joining DMC was to lose weight however with a very manageable and specific exercise regime I quickly realised that my fitness levels were being stretched and over time I have clearly grown in strength and endurance.

I have now been attending DMC for over 15 weeks and after the initial 12 week programme I realised that this was an extremely enjoyable and productive life style change. The programme allows me to work closely with my trainer on a weekly basis where she puts me through my paces and provides me with the support I need to continue successfully on this journey. My trainer has helped me tailor a food plan which has ensured the best results possible. There was no doubt in my mind that to be victorious in the next step in my journey I would need the support of DMC and hence signed up for the next programme.

In the past 15 weeks I have not only lost 29lbs in body fat and many inches but I have addressed the eating issues I have had over the past years. With the support of DMC I have managed to see that both exercise and food planning go hand in hand for a healthier, leaner body.

I love the fact that the trainers and Davie have all walked in my shoes, they delight in my successes and motivate me when I need inspiration. DMC is now a way of life and such an enjoyable one too. I look forward to more successes in the future and a fitter, slimmer future into the bargain.”

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