Gillian Henderson lost over two stone and learned kettlebells and kick boxing

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Gillian lost over two stone and learned kettlebells and kick boxing

I’ve been a student of DMC since November 2016 and joined primarily to lose weight, improve my fitness levels and eating habits and essentially feel better about myself. In the time I’ve trained at the gym I’ve lost over two stone and learned kettlebells and kick boxing.

Davie is my primary coach and is wonderful. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and patient (especially when I can’t count in time!) and makes me laugh. He is very supportive and will help with alternative exercises where required. I’ve also trained with the other coaches; Julie, Pablo, Grant and Steven and all of them are great coaches and push you to achieve your very best (even when you think you can’t!)

Embarking on this fitness journey has been more than just physical changes but also mental and spiritual as well. While the physical ones are the easiest to see, I look smaller and clothes fit better the mental ones took a while to get my head around as this is a lifestyle choice rather than a chore and I understand better about myself and who I am.

I travel a lot with my job and can be away 2-4 nights a week so the thought of training was daunting but Davie has created home programmes I can do anywhere (even when I was on holiday).

I didn’t expect that 15 months later I’d have lost over two stone and I’m delighted with my results and really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I get after I’ve completed a session no matter how hard it is. I also enjoy the atmosphere in the gym and hearing the coaches support their clients as we train making it more fun.

I would say to anyone thinking about embarking on a fitness journey, you will feel nervous and scared and that’s totally ok but it will disappear very quickly once you get to know the coaches and discuss your goals. It’s tough to start but once you start seeing results it will continue to motivate you and so will your coach. The key is balance- exercise, good eating habits and a lot of laughs.

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