Greig drops to single digit body fat thanks to DMC's holistic approach

Before DMC
After DMC

Greig was a regular at his gym but had plateaued physically and mentally – DMC gave him the inspiration and passion he need to gain muscle mass and drop to single digit bodyfat.

I have always considered myself to be reasonably fit and had got into “the gym” whilst at University some years ago.

I initially noticed big changes in a short space of time simply through weight training. As time went on, I had tried to alter my diet to include more protein and did notice some gains. I continued with weight training for a number of years, keeping myself in reasonable shape but had become bored with the same stale routine.

Furthermore, physically, I had plateaued. I was looking for some inspiration with regards to new training ideas and thus sought out a personal trainer. I was enticed by DMC’s website with the before and after shots and booked up a 10 week block. I can tell you now; I was not disappointed.

I was introduced to new training styles and found myself working harder under the tutelage of Grant, Steven and Pablo. In addition, I had a session dedicated to nutrition and my goals for my time with the team. I found this insightful and this session in particular helped me to understand that to achieve the results you desire, a holistic approach is required. I believe that DMC excelled in this department. They were able to empathise with how I was feeling emotionally and physically. They knew how hard I was working and the sacrifices I was making to achieve my goals.

At the end of my 10 sessions, I felt re-invigorated and had a new passion for fitness. I had gained muscle mass whilst dropping into single digit body fat. I was delighted with my results and have continued to use concepts introduced to me by the team. I would highly recommend the DMC team for anyone seeking to improve their fitness. Providing you are committed, you WILL achieve your goals.

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