James cranks up his training with help from DMC and experiences the amazing benefits of private coaching

Before DMC
After DMC

James was, and still is, constantly learning new things, such as what his body type is and how it reacts to his training programme

I had made the decision to go down the route of personal training in the summer of 2014. I wanted to take this step to see what I could potentially achieve, so deciding where I was going to go was very important. Having done some research, I had it down to three potential gyms, one being DMC. As soon as I had contacted them about a free consultation, I got the sense that I was dealing with a very professional and organised company, and I immediately got excited. They made me understand fully where my body was and how they would go about helping me achieve my goals. The facilities were excellent and the environment was extremely welcoming. What more could you ask for?

My goals were (in my head) simple, improve my stamina and get lean. After the first few sessions, I understood that there was so much more to it and many factors to consider. I was, and still am, constantly learning new things, an example being the body type I am and how that determines my reaction to training. I was particularly grateful for knowing this as it gave me the confidence that I could achieve these goals, even if it was to take a bit longer than my initial plan! They also gave me new ideas for food that would help my fitness, and I’ve found some new favourite meals!

Every time I come home from a session, I’m always delighted with what I’ve been able to achieve that day. I’ll often say to my mum when I see her, “I lifted such and such amount of weight!”, “I did this many push ups, I’ve never been able to do that before!” I’m always pushed to my limit and then beyond, and because I’ve got a good rapport with my coach Steven, I feel confident to take myself to that next level. Every session, in my eyes, is about seeing what milestone I can achieve and what target I can set, and having that mindset while training has manifested itself into my everyday life, and this new attitude has done wonders for me.

I’m often told that going down the route of personal training has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I believe it. When I started training, I had it in my head that I would do one, maybe two blocks with DMC then carry on on my own. Now, however, there is no question in my mind that I will continue with these guys for the foreseeable future. This is down to one simple question I pose myself; “How much further can I go?” With DMC, the answer is always more.

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