Professional golfer Jamie has seen massive improvements in his game since training with DMC Fitness

After DMC

After training with DMC Fitness for 6 weeks, Jamie has lost 15lb and reduced his body fat from 20% to 15.4%

I started playing golf at the age of 12 and worked my way up to county level. I played for the County U16, U18 and youth squads. I won 30+ individual titles as a junior. I am a former scholarship athlete at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. Last year, in my first year as a professional, I played in two Eagle tour events and an Open championship qualifier.

Being a professional golfer in the modern day game, it is imperative to be in peak physical and mental state to compete at the highest level. Up until now, I was training myself in the gym. I had no set routine, no schedule and no consistent results. I would also go weeks at a time without attending the gym and using the excuse of ” I couldn’t find the time”. Like any successful person in life will tell you, they never made it on their own so I knew I had to seek help.

I came across DMC Fitness, checked out their website and felt an immediate surge of inspiration. I went by for a free consultation. The atmosphere in the gym is fantastic. The whole team are extremely friendly and down to earth. I told them my story of becoming a professional golfer and they let me of how they could help me progress in a way that was specific to me. That’s what sealed it for me. I require a very specific type of training as a professional golfer so that gave me great confidence knowing that they had taken that into consideration.

DMC is like no other gym I have been in. The team focus on every aspect of you. Your physical condition, your nutrition, your mental state and your overall well being. So when you step through the door, you know 100% that when you walk back out, you have grown as a person. I have been “educated” in nutrition. I am not on a “diet” – I think that is one of the biggest things that I have taken from DMC. I haven’t been put on a diet; I have made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle.

I have just completed my sixth week at DMC Fitness. I started at 14st 7lb and I am now 13st 6lb. My body fat has came down from 20% to 15.4%. My flexibility has increased. My overall fitness has rocketed. What this has done to my golf game is outstanding.  The increased flexibility has lead to an increase in control and distance. Also, when the season kicks in, I am going to have more in the tank coming down the stretch than the rest of my competitors which can only benefit me.

You can be in any situation with any type of goal and be successful through DMC. The team will see you through to the end and ensure you have the skills to continue it for the rest of your new life.

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