John Rae

After DMC

John Rae's transformation with DMC

I first spoke to Davie around 18 months ago after seeing him putting one of his clients through their paces in the boxing gym and thinking that I liked the look of doing that. I am a semi professional footballer and I have always been reasonable fit and gone to the gym fairly regularly so initially it was really the boxing training that drew me to Davie however after a few sessions Davie was able to get to know both me, my level of fitness and the goals that I wanted to achieve and completely changed the structure of my fitness programme.

The boxing training is great fun and is great for my fitness and also excellent for my self confidence in terms of being confident that I can look after myself but it is the way in which Davie has changed my general workouts that I feel has been the biggest benefit since we started training. Previously my training had been a mish mash of things that I had picked up from various fitness advisers in gyms but after training with Davie it became clear that there was a real lack of structure to it. My average visit to the gym last around two hours and despite me feeling that I was trying to push myself I seemed to have reached a plateau in terms of fitness and strength.

Over the last 18 months Davie has halved the average time that I spend per visit to the gym yet I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have before. The workouts that he designs are varied and the hours spent pumping the same old machines time after time seem like a distant memory. Davie has introduced things such as kettlebells and body weight exercises that I had never even thought about before and he keeps me on my toes with regular changes to the programme. Almost every time there is a either a new routine or theory behind it which keeps me motivated.

Davie’s manner makes him a joy to work with and the fact that he struggles with his own weight and fitness in the past makes you really believe in what he is teaching you!

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