John Wilson

After DMC

John Wilson's transformation with DMC

I have been training with Davie for the last 2 months or so and I am pleased to say that in that time have lost a stone in weight 17.5 inches of fat and decreased my body fat by 6%.

On my first visit, Davie assessed my fitness and formulated a fitness programme for me. The programme doesn’t just consist of excercise – nutrition plays a part too and I learned a lot about food I didn’t know before, including how to make a delicious smoothie for breakfast.

I learned much more than just exercises with Davie – he’s full of tips from how to use a contrast shower so that you don’t continue sweating after a workout, to how changing your breathing can help you recover faster after an excercise, to healthy recipes and self defence tips.

Training with Davie is good fun – each session is different and you never know whether you’ll be swinging kettlebells about, doing circuits or training in the boxing ring. Davie always keeps you motivated and gives encouragement and feedback throughout.

With Davie, your programme consists of one session per week at his studio and several home workouts during the week. I really liked this as it cuts down on travel to and from a gym every time you want to work out.

I am extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved working with Davie and I would recommend him to anyone looking to increase their levels of fitness or improve their health.

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