After trying every fad diet out there Julie found DMC, 6 years on and two babies later she is still a size 8

Before DMC
After DMC

After trying every fad diet out there Julie found DMC, 6 years on and two babies later she is still a size 8.

Increased confidence, weight loss, muscle definition, nutritional advice, where do I begin?

Having for many years tried every fad diet and been a member of several gyms I had resided myself to the fact I’d never be happy with my body or get the results I longed for. That was until I found Davie from DMc Fighting Fit Training Systems.

As a 5ft 8 13 stone Bank Manager I hid my confidence issues under my size 16 clothes but longed to get into a size 8. Numerous attempts had got me no where so when I met Davie during my most recent attempt to find a training programme to suit me I was truly inspired. He listened; cared and after having previous weight problems also understood what it was like to be overweight and tailored every session on me achieving my goal.

One year on I was on my way to achieving my goal when illness threatened to stop my progression. Reluctant to let it get in the way Davie made me understand that any recovery would be prolonged if I continued to train and would have a bigger impact longer term. For those of you who have ever come across Shingles you will understand why the next 10 months were such an uphill struggle.

My confidence was low, weight was high and I felt lower than I had ever before. Life was hard but Davie remained a big part of my recovery with constant contact and caring motivation even though I couldn’t train. It was this client/trainer bond that really helped me get back on track, not only in health and training but all aspects of my life.

Since the turn of the year and back into full training I have lost 17 inches, lost over 2 stone, dropped 4 dress sizes, been head hunted by one of the largest multinational banks in the world and most importantly achieved my lifetime dream of a size 8. I am confident to walk into any gym and perform unassisted chin ups, burpees, squatting nearly twice my body weight and numerous sets of various hand position full press up – all that for someone who couldn’t even walk up the stairs at Christmas without being out of breath, that’s good going!

So it really all is about what you do and not just how much you eat when it comes to losing weight. There’s an old myth that the less you eat the lighter you will be, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Eating had always been a stumbling point for me and through Davie I learnt that it’s all about eating in proportion to the way you live. I now eat more than ever and look forward to it.

You will see from my pictures the results I have achieved through Davie and DMc Fighting Fit Training Systems. He has helped me get my life back on track and realise anything is possible. My drive to succeed in fitness and everyday living creates many challenges but without the skills I have gained through training I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

Try it out for yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? People stop me in the street to tell me how good I look and I really can’t thank Davie enough. Finding the time is always possible you just need to make it happen. After all you are the most important person in your life!!

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