Kevin Sims

After DMC

Kevin Sims's transformation with DMC

I have really enjoyed developing a structured training programme and new diet. Never has there been a truer saying than DMC’s mantra of “you can’t out train a bad diet”. I now realise you don’t have to run for hours on end and starve yourself to achieve your goals. Time is precious for everyone and kettle bell training for even 20 mins 2/3 times a week goes a long way to getting you fitter. Davie and Pablo’s enthusiasm drives you to achieve your goals.

During my time with DMC I have lost over a stone in weight decreased my body fat down to 10% (which puts me in the athletic zone) and burned many inches of fat. I now feel a lot more motivated in work and generally feel a lot healthier as a result of my time working with DMC. I thought I would initially use the programme to get fitter and lose weight and then stop but it becomes really addictive and I’m now looking to get stronger and stronger.

I still have the odd bad meal and drink a little too much on occasions but I now know through my home programme that I can burn the excesses off quickly. I would recommend DMC to anybody who wants to put in the hard work and achieve quick and lasting results.

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