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Kouki's transformation with DMC

What enticed me to go see Davie and Pablo was a very cutting comment that was made at the time by someone about me having gained weight. Being a lady – you never want to hear that!

I did exercise at the time but other aspects of my life had taken priority and this comment had planted the seed of insecurity. After pestering everyone around me about what they thought, one of my sisters pointed out that I was the only person that could make ‘me’ happy and therefore if I was doubting my weight I should do something about it.

I knew Davie from a previous gym and had seen the outstanding results that my friend Claire had achieved through training with him. So I went in and we instantly connected. Davie is as real and as down to earth as they come. All the success that he has attained has been done through genuine hard work and that is something I could relate to. There are many personal trainers out there, but what makes Davie and Pablo outstanding in their field is that they love what they do! Both are incredibly passionate about their work and that passion becomes contagious and naturally flows into all areas of your life to become your way of life. It’s been an all–rounded education for me about fitness and nutrition since joining DMC Fitness just under 1 and half years ago when I went from …to…

I won’t lie, it’s bloody hard work! But, I love every minute of it. My training is something I always look forward to as I know my hard work will produce results that I can actually see. You are pushed to what you think are your ‘limits’ – at the time – but I can honestly say that I don’t have limits anymore as every week I’m reaching new levels that I could not have dreamed of and a body shape that I did not think could come from healthy nutrition and exercise. All of this, I could not have done without Davie, he has shown me that you can accomplish anything you want, through hard work, determination and a sense of humour you can achieve your dreams and beyond.

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