Laura Fullerton

After DMC

Thanks to the support and guidance of her trainer Julie, Laura lost 30 pounds and shed 41 inches and is thrilled with her results.

Thanks to the support and guidance of my trainer Julie, I have lost 30 pounds and shrunk by 41 inches and I couldn’t be happier. I was feeling unhappy with my weight and self-confidence for some time and after trying various ways to lose weight, nothing seemed to work. I was recommended DMC Fitness through my sister, although I was unsure at first whether or not DMC would work for me. Despite my apprehension, I went along and met with Davie and Grant for a free consultation, during which time I got to see the facility, ask questions and hear all about the coaches own personal journeys. Davie was great; he was so understanding and really let me talk through why I was so unhappy. He discussed with me how he could help and talked through his own personal experience, which really helped me relate to him and see that my goal was achievable.

Davie signed me up with trainer Julie and I began my 10 week programme. Julie was fully supportive of me throughout and really helped to educate me on my food choices. I had always worked out so had relatively good fitness but my nutrition was more of an issue for me after trying a series of different fad diets. Julie helped me to understand that I really need to have a healthy balance of both to achieve my goal.

I thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with Julie; she really pushed my limits and introduced me to weight training which has helped me get fitter and stronger. I started to notice a difference after just a few weeks, which really encouraged me to keep going with the programme. Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard work – but Julie really encouraged me throughout it and whenever I met a bump in the road, she was there to reassure and remind me of why I was there.

I completed two 10 week blocks with Julie and achieved amazing results in that short time. I cannot thank and recommend Julie and the DMC Crew highly enough – I am happier, more confident and healthier thanks to DMC.

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