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Lucy Cooper

I’m Lucy Cooper. I was born in 1987 and I’m a doctor. I’ve been coming to DMC Fitness since August 2015.

I looked up different personal training options in the West End and they seemed like they had the vibe of somewhere I wanted to try.

I wanted to get a personal trainer because to start building strength, doing weights and I knew that I didn’t have the knowledge or the motivation to do it by myself.

Coming to DMC over the years, I’ve definitely seen myself become stronger than I was when I started. I was never a very early morning person, but coming here first thing has definitely given me the energy to start my day and helped me realise that helps me get more out of my day, both personally and at work.

My work can be pretty stressful and high-pressure. I work in a labor ward and I think getting out some of my frustrations with boxing is really good first thing in the morning. It helps me keep a clear head and makes me feel energised for dealing with the day ahead.

Lucy boxing with Grant

I keep coming back because it’s just a really nice atmosphere. Everyone’s friendly. They help you achieve what you want to achieve. So for me it was getting stronger but if you want to lose weight, they’ll help you and keep you motivated.

Partly for me as a woman, is that it feels a really safe place to come back to. Sometimes you’ll be the only female on the gym floor. There can be big guys there but it’s not like other gyms where you maybe feel a bit threatened or intimidated. It’s just a nice, safe place to come back to.

I have a really good time working with Grant, my coach. He’s really motivating. I come in first thing in the morning and he gets me ready for the day and I’ve worked a lot with Pablo and Davie as well over the years too.

I need a hip replacement and Pablo has been excellent in helping me understand more about the anatomy and physiology and what I can do as a sort of prehab before having surgery.

I’ve recommended DMC Fitness to a few friends over the years who’ve been coming as well. And I would say to anybody who’s considering it, don’t put it off. I know sometimes the initial cost can seem a lot, but it’s an investment in you and your future and just start now. I really enjoy coming in. It’s a great part of my week.