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Marshall Larrabide

My name is Marshall. I was born in 1879 and I work in sales.

About five years ago I had a lifestyle change. I hadn’t really looked after myself most of my adult life. My partner, Shona was coming to DMC Fitness and she persuaded me to come and give it a shot to see if I could get myself a wee bit fitter.

I’m now in the forties and I thought, you know, I want to try and do something more for myself. Coming to DMC Fitness has been great. My mobility is a lot better. My general health is a lot better. I’m eating better and it has got me in a better place mentally as well.

When I first came here I’d done absolutely no exercise, no physical activity my whole adult life. It was a challenge at the start but I’ve seen the progress that I’ve been making with Grant this past year. It has been absolutely fantastic. It’s boosted my confidence as well as my physical ability.

I enjoy coming every week and it’s a good laugh. The atmosphere is brilliant. Everyone’s really friendly and I enjoy that. And there are the physical benefits as well. I feel a wee boost after my workout.

Marshall table top with Grant

My coach, Grant is really easy to work with. I’ve never worked with a coach or ever been in a gym, really in my life. Right from the first day when I did my induction with Grant, he put me at ease.

We worked at my pace as which is really good. And yeah, over the years it’s been great getting to know him and working with him. It’s been fantastic.

At first that was very daunting for me. When Shona talked me into coming along, I was quite nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. But just be yourself and be honest with the coach that’s training you and you’ll enjoy it. Brilliant!