Neil McFedridge

After DMC

Neil McFedridge's transformation with DMC

The hardest thing about my experience with Davie was sending the first email and pushing myself to get involved, because once you enter his gym you are hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Davie on a weekly basis and it became a highlight of my week. My whole perception of personal training has changed, and you really don’t just pay for an hour’s training, it’s a whole week full of planned training, eating and new approaching, all geared towards achieving your goals.

I couldn’t recommend Davie’s services any higher to anyone who is serious about getting fit and changing their way of life. Before training with Davie I didn’t really know what to do when I went into the gym. But now I can walk into a gym, do a 20 minutes circuit designed by DMC and walk out knowing that I’ve done a better work out that all the posers that stand around in there for hours. Davie’s training gives you the confidence and knowledge to do that. In 5 months of training at DMC I lost a stone in weight and got down to 10% body fat, and I have never felt better!

My advice is – send the email and get involved, because you definitely won’t regret it.

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