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I was amazed that could buy size 12 jeans within 6 weeks of joining DMC! Going to 3 or more cardio classes a week, I never achieved the results that I've seen with DMC.

I cannot recommend DMC enough for anyone who has decided to transform their health, body and fitness.

To be honest I was somewhat skeptical and a little nervous when I first visited DMC and met up with Pablo for my free taster session. Immediately I could see that this was going to be something quite different from anything that I had ever done before in the gym. For several years previously I had been a regular gym goer – I went to aerobics, body attack, body jam, legs bum and tums and I did love it all.

My fitness was good and when I got pregnant at the age of 39 I had an easy pregnancy and beautiful baby boy but was keen to get back to the gym and into better shape relatively quickly. I did start back at the gym, I didn’t have the time to attend as often as before and although I felt better for trying I never regained the fitness, weight or enthusiasm that I had previously.

Telling all this to Pablo I was genuinely unsure whether DMC could offer me anything different but I had some time between jobs and I was impressed enough with my taster session to realise that I needed to try something different and DMC certainly offered a new approach from anything I had ever experienced.

The first few sessions focused on mobility and diet and gave me a manageable exercise routine that I could do a couple of times at home every week. The dietary changes that Pablo proposed surprised me at first but were all manageable and helpfully focused around suggesting easy substitutes to make little changes that have literally now become second nature.

In terms of exercise I found my home routine relatively simple and it was hard to understand how this type of exercise was going to make that much impact on my body or fitness – particularly for someone who was previously into cardio type classes. When I started with DMC I’d set myself the goals of losing a stone in weight, dropping a dress size and losing the mummy tummy that pregnancy had left me with!

What can I say – even now I find it hard to comprehend that I was out buying size 12 jeans within 6 weeks of joining DMC! Even writing this it’s hard to appreciate the change that DMC has made to my weight, shape, physical and mental strength. I met and indeed exceeded all of the goals that I originally set. Even when I thought I was in good shape and going to 3 or more cardio classes a week I never achieved the results that I’ve seen with DMC.

Pablo is an excellent trainer and has been supportive, motivating and genuinely understanding of the challenges of fitting exercise and a sensible diet into a busy work and family lifestyle. I cannot recommend DMC enough for anyone who has decided to transform their health, body and fitness – the results are incredible and to be honest, life changing!

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