DMC changed and undoubtedly extended my life!

It all began for me back in the days when Davie and Pablo worked in Bannatyne’s, I trained there a lot and Davie approached me to take some personal training. I decided to give it a go and enjoyed my training, with mixed results, losing fat which was my main goal as I was obese but then reaching a level where things stopped changing. Due to closure of the gym I stopped training with Davie when he went off to start himself. A year or so later I decided I needed to do something about my size. I enjoyed what I had decided would be my last obese Christmas/new year then started my own diet/fitness regime. I contacted Davie and was welcomed back to the team in February. The DMC I was met with was completely different from my PT in the gym, not just in location but in set up, ideas, attitude and opinion. I started training with Pablo and never looked back. I loved my weekly training sessions, hard work and determination were required in huge doses but Pablo’s constant encouragement made it a lot easier. The advice I got on my diet and training was a world away from the things Davie and I tried the first time round, showing how the company had evolved in the time I had been away, so how did that affect my results?

I lost 6 stones in 8 months, my whole life changed, my diet changed forever, my attitude to exercise changed forever. It’s now been 6 months or so since I trained with Pablo as I moved jobs and countries. Something I would never have had the confidence to do when I was obese. It’s also 6 months since I was a member of a commercial gym and the most important thing is I’ve maintained my goals due to the education I received in my time at DMC I train when I want, wherever I want and don’t need any equipment, machines or most importantly money. I went from wearing XXL (sometimes XXXL) tops and 42″ waist jeans to now being a Medium in tops and a 34″ waist and that hasn’t changed despite not being a member of any sort of gym. I eat properly but am not scared to have the odd treat safe in the knowledge that I know I am eating and training in a way that allows these little treats and it’s all down to my education from DMC!

My life was changed by my time with DMC and I now have “Strength for life”

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