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Susan McInnes

I’m Susan McInnes. I was born in 1962 and I’m a non-executive director in the insurance industry.

I joined DMC back in 2006, I think probably the main reason was that I was used to doing cardio myself and don’t have to be pushed into doing it. However when it comes to strength training and flexibility, I thought I knew how to do it, but I wouldn’t.

I needed encouragement and some guidance. So I came to DMC Fitness to try and encourage me to do more. With their help I’ve seen myself over the years get stronger and more capable in terms of my exercise, and that’s great to see. It’s good to see progression. That’s one thing it’s done for me.

The second thing is about nutrition for me. I don’t think I’m a stupid person and I understood the fact that what you put into your body impacts the way you feel. I think I got that on one level, but I’m not sure I particularly practiced it well. So DMC really helped me understand that and put it into practice.

The third thing, is not about my physical fitness, it’s about mental fitness. And I found that in the years that I’ve come here, I really look forward to the sessions. It really makes me feel good when I’m done. I look forward to them. So it’s as much about my mental health as it is my physical health.

At first I was actually quite nervous about joining any gym in the first place. I thought it would be intimidating and I thought I wasn’t very good at things and  thought I would be embarrassed. It never crosses my mind now.

The main benefits I’ve seen is I’m definitely stronger and fitter. I’ve got more energy to take on the day. I’ve managed to control my weight much better than I ever could on my own. And I feel brighter.

Years and years ago when I went to gym on my own, it was always a bit of a slog. It was a bit of, you know, and you had to go. But I didn’t want to. I dreaded it. Now I really look forward to it. So it’s actually fun. It goes really quickly and I enjoy my session.

Susan McInnes Exercise

The coaches are great. They just make it easy. You know they never make me feel as if they’re really good at something and you’re not. They make you feel as if you can and you will do the exercise.

Even if you can’t do it immediately. You’ll do it in time. So they’re very encouraging. I mentioned nutrition earlier. I find the nutrition help really helpful but they gave it to me when I was ready to get it. They didn’t ram any of the messages down throat. They work at my pace, which is good.

I think probably what I would say if you’re thinking of joining DMC is just do it. My husband said something to me today when we were talking about exercise. He said, it’s good just to do something. I think the thing of it is, you won’t regret it. You won’t be intimidated if you come here. It’s a fun session. The guys are good, so don’t put it off. Just do it.