Tom is a serious cross country athlete. He joined DMC in his "off season" back to race schedule after DMC training and he sets PB's and beats young boys in their 20's

Before DMC
After DMC

Tom is a road and cross-country club runner. He joined DMC to get into better shape, build strength and still maintain great levels of running.

I started at DMC after being intrigued by the testimonials, mainly from sports people. I am an active club runner, doing road and cross country and I was keen to find a way to get into shape and build my strength whilst still maintaining good levels of running, training and times.

I ate a lot of potatoes, pasta and bread, as that is what was prescribed as ‘good for energy’ given my training levels, without giving much thought to it.

I worked with Davie, who directed my diet and strength training whilst still allowing me to fit in my running training to maintain my fitness.

I committed to two 10 week blocks, during which time my strength increased, my body fat decreased and my posture improved. This was working with a slight spine curvature I have always had which affected my natural posture. I gained 3lb of muscle and reduced my bodyfat by 9%, taking me down to single digits.

The running season is just beginning and I will be reporting back on my performance. On the whole, I feel a lot stronger and more energetic in my training. I also feel that I am eating and sleeping better following the change in diet and not feeling the need to snack constantly that I felt before. My running posture & style has definitely improved in running training as a result of my coaching at DMC Fitness.

Once the cross country season is finished, I’ll definitely be back!

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