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The Premium personal trainer choice in Glasgow for high-achieving professionals who want to achieve fitness, longevity and success.

Let’s Fall in Love with Fitness!

Living a successful life that is pain-free and fulfilling is something that we all want to achieve. However, it’s easy to take our health and fitness for granted and that’s when bad habits and poor health can creep up on us. Don’t let unwanted weight gain, aches and pains, or illness catch you out.

Fitness is more than a career. It’s more than a big house or a fancy car. It’s about US. Taking control of our own fitness – physical, mental and emotional – Is the true road to greater productivity and success.

You do not have to accept discomfort, such as being overweight, feeling tired, having diabetes or high blood pressure, worrying or experiencing stress. You don’t have to take this for granted. In fact, you can change this! At DMC Fitness, our coaches gladly guide you towards feeling fit from the inside out.

Here is our promise…

Premium Personal Training

You can expect the best from the best: all of our certified personal trainers are experienced and are fully equipped to take your through a programme that is shaped around your personal fitness goals.

Making Fitness Fun!

We believe that to really stick with your training routine, you need to have FUN. If you’re in for a laugh, some banter… you’re at the right place.

Movement First

Fitness begins with mobility, flexibility and honouring the importance of recovery: that’s how you move. Without this, training is only a burden for the body. We will show you how to take care of your body so that you’ll be fit and healthy for the years and decades ahead.

Could we be a match?

You’re driven. Ambitious. Working as a successful professional or as the CEO of a successful business. You’ve got a lot going for you, but your work seems to leave you physically and mentally spent. Maybe your body is telling you that this needs to stop now. Whether you have physical complaints as a result of mental or emotional stress, or as a result of lack of strength, we are here to help you get fit again, and make the most out of your life.

“If we can teach people to fall in love with fitness, we’ve done our job properly.”

Davie McConnachie, founder DMC Fitness, award-winning Speaker & Coach

Personal Training

Personal Training

1-to-1 personal training is your opportunity to work on your physical wellbeing with one of our certified personal trainers.

  • Focused training that is tailored to your needs
  • Always the same passionate trainer
  • You’ll be pushed to your limit but you’ll have so much fun along the way.
  • Total commitment to your progression

Online Personal Training

No time to hit the gym, travelling abroad or simply want to work out with a certified personal trainer, who works with you remotely? Try our online personal training.

  • Online, but fully tailored to you
  • Live, no pre-recorded training
  • • No machinery needed, we provide the equipment
  • 100% commitment to your progression
Online Personal Training

“We teach the same level of excellence as how we train ourselves. We’ve competed internationally and got certified in, for example, kettlebell training, boxing and kickboxing, bodyweight training with a specific focus on movement to prevent injury. We’re happy to pass this on to our clients.”

Davie McConnachie

Why us?

(…and not some other gym)

  • Because together we will transform your personal fitness journey into a fun, loving, sustainable and healthy practice you simply don’t want to do without
  • Because you’ll receive absolute, 100% premium treatment (only in the most loving, ethical way)
  • Because we’re the only place in the world where you can follow the DMC M Power 5 Method (yes, our founder Davie developed it himself)
  • Because we’re super committed to supporting you in every way we can
  • And because you’ll be inspired and encouraged the whole way 
Fitness coaching

Ah, ok, can we just boast a little please? We’re proud to say we have been shortlisted in 2014 for the National Fitness Awards’ UK Gym Team of the Year, Scottish Regional Gym of the Year and UK Functional Gym of the Year. In 2015, we were shortlisted again, coming first runner up in the Scottish Regional Gym of the Year category.

In 2020 we won the SME UK enterprise award, for ‘Health & Wellness Coach of the Year’ and the GHP Fitness and Nutrition Award for the ‘Best Premiere Personal Training – Scotland’. 

Sure, we enjoy the industry recognition. But… We take most pride in the incredible results our clients have achieved with our help.

Get to know us

Our story is a journey of personal discovery. A journey of beautiful ups and downs, accompanied by many challenges, that inspired us on a business level too. It’s Davie’s journey.

He’s guided us to where we are now: the primary choice for successful professionals who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance and success. Our gym is designed to do more than physical fitness alone; movement precedes physical exercise, and our mindset supports our every move. More importantly? We immerse our clients in a world where Fitness equals FUN.

Don’t just believe us? Listen to these incredible student success stories!

“I’ve witnessed so many clients who went from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I nailed it!’, simply because they trusted the process. We learn new stuff all the time. If we just have a little more patience with ourselves, we can become fit, healthy and actually fall in love with fitness.”

Davie McConnachie

DMC Fitness is the primary personal training choice in Glasgow for successful professionals in the realm of physical, mental and emotional fitness. We offer the best Personal Training to clients who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance and success.

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