Gold Programme

The gold is in the fact that it’s not just glitters…

Gold: Work 1-to-1 With Your Own Coach!

Results, 1-to-1 guidance, and loads of fun: Our Gold programme gives you 10 sessions of private workouts with your personal training coach, while also educating you on sustainable techniques to create lasting fitness habits. 

You’ll work out in a way that you love most, for example by using bodyweight, circuit, kettlebell, kickboxing and core stability training. Learn the best warm-up, cool-down and recovery techniques and, well… fall in love with your own way of staying fit. Enjoy!

“What if you could learn how to stay fit at all times? That’s our aim. Are you game?”

Davie McConnachie

Here’s what’s included

10 personal training sessions – 1-2-1 – with your own professional fitness coach

  • 10 sessions
  • Based on DMC M Power of 5
  • An 80-page manual
  • Warm up, cool down and recovery routines
  • Movement excellence, Bodyweight training, Circuit training, Kettlebell training, Kickboxing, Fitness (weights), Core stability
  • Your own personal trainer

“In contrast to the traditional high dependency coaching model, our programs are the complete opposite. We teach you everything you need to know to be fit and healthy for life.”

Davie McConnachie

Enter the DMC Experience

So, what can you expect? Well, first of all it’s good to know that you will not find a large number of cardio machinery in our gym. That doesn’t mean we won’t get your heart pumping! We believe that working with the body and the best equipment, merged with the latest insights, will give you far better results.

Expect something different, yet highly effective. On top of fresh body sweat, we’ll cover you in awesome sauce and marvelous marinade.