Gold Personal Training

Our Gold Package is based upon twelve 1-2-1, one-hour coaching sessions with your own coach.

Your program will be focused on one of or a mixture of our areas of expertise. We specialise in mobility and flexibility training, bodyweight training, kettlebell training, boxing for fitness and circuits for conditioning.

Maybe you have been in a commercial gym where all the mirror-loving muscle men are flexing in the weights area, groaning and grunting their way through a workout? For many people, especially those who are new to resistance-based training, that can be intimidating and might deter you from even trying to partake in something that can be huge amounts of fun.

As a result many people stick to the cardio machines which are, if we are being honest, a little boring and somewhat inefficient. Couple this with busy, sweaty, overcrowded changing rooms and what do you have? A mediocre experience in which you are no closer to reaching your fitness goals.

You’ll be happy to hear none of that happens at DMC Fitness. Our facility is exclusive and at its busiest, on a Saturday, we only ever have a maximum of 5 clients in the training area. Also, each coach has their own station with all the specialist equipment they need at hand so the focus is always on you.

If you would like the attention of your own coach and to exercise in a private training area where you’ll experience specialist training then book your free consultation today.

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