Weekly Review – 4th to 10th March

It’s been a highly productive week and also very hedonistic, compared to normal.  The DMC Crew and I delivered 85 hours of expert 1-2-1 Fitness and Wellness coaching. We had no cancellations. I was in London for two days so this effected our total number of sessions which is usually nearer 100.  All of my […]

Weekly Review 24th Feb – 03 Mar

It’s been a great week. Creatively I’ve written well and produced solid content.  My coaching was on point and all clients are making excellent progress.  I spent the day on Saturday training with Paul Gray and learning an introduction to his Iflows system. Paul’s an exceptional coach. I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned loads and I’m […]

Student in Spotlight – Lucy Docherty

Name Lucy Docherty  Age – 23 Occupation – Cafe Owner How has Fitness training with DMC helped you in the following areas? Professional life- Before DMC fitness my eating habits were really unhealthy and relying on quick food because I was always running around in my work.  Now that I am active and watch what […]