5 STEPS To Repair, Relax and Rejuvenate

Recently I was coaching on the subject of self care and creating a formula for repairing, rejuvenating, and relaxing. While it is fresh in my mind I thought that I would share my process with you. The intention here is learning to fully unwind relax, and recharge, but ultimately practice the art of switching off […]

Attitude of Gratitude

Today I want to talk about showing the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. I practice the attitude of gratitude on a daily basis and I find that it has greatly improved nearly all areas of my life. We all show gratitude in our daily lives but what I am really talking about is ‘feeling’ it. When you […]

PSA Global Awards 2019

On Saturday night (14/09/2019) I attended the Professional Speakers Academy global annual awards night.  The Professional Speakers Academy is a comprehensive training program and membership for people who recognize that today the most highly prized skill of all successful leaders is the ability to speak and influence larger groups of people. I’ve been in the […]