The Technique of The Week: The Rear Foot Elevated Hip Stretch:

The rear foot elevated hip stretch is one of the most beneficial stretches of the human body and especially the lower back area. The front of the hip gets very tight and short on a day to basis now due to spending more time sitting down on our glute muscles (which are on the opposite […]

Kettlebell Training… DMC High Pull Combo.

Our latest kettlebell routine is the DMC “High Pull” Kettlebell Combination Lift. We advise that you have a decent knowledge of how to use kettlebells to do this routine. There are other less complicated routines in the Movement & Mechanics section  We love training with kettlebells and have done since 2009. All the DMC Fitness […]


I’ve been journaling now since 2014. I started it on the advice of my mentor Andy Harrington my first ever mind coach Brian Costello.  Then after reading the excellent book Essentialism, The disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeown I realised I was a journalist in its truest form. In this great article Stacia Pierce shares […]

T.O.T.W – Bodyweight Squat

Welcome to Technique of the Week. This week, we are looking at the basic exercises of the bodyweight squat and the push-ups the progressions you can work towards obviously depending on your level and at the end bottom of the blog there are sample workouts to try. Warm up and dynamic stretching are essential before carrying out […]

Welcome to the DMC blog

This blog is an opportunity for me to provide theories, reports and reviews of anything and everything fitness, exercise, healthy living and martial arts training related.