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About Us

Our Story

DMC Fitness, founded in 2006, is the primary choice for successful professionals who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance, and success. Our gym is designed to produce more than physical fitness alone; movement precedes physical exercise, and our mindset supports our every move. We strive for excellency and an unforgettable experience. More importantly? We immerse our clients in a world where Fitness equals FUN.

This is what pains us...

Yes, we strongly believe in the power of fitness. At the same time, we acknowledge that a lot of people haven’t discovered it yet. They are stuck in patterns that create physical discomfort, such as being overweight, fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, or mental and emotional discomfort, which often results in stress. Stress that is likely to manifest physically as well.

Personal Training

Breaking patterns

So how can we help people to break through these patterns? To asses these issues thoroughly we have developed a number of high-end, mid-level and basic programmes, tailored to each individual’s needs, which will allow each and everyone to amp up their physical, mental and emotional fitness. All three play a crucial part in our health. We’ve designed each programme in such a way, that our clients learn how to move and workout even without our presence.

“In the end? Our dream is for everyone to fall in love with fitness.”

Davie McConnachie

Our Philosophy

There are three core beliefs we hold to our heart dearly. They’re at the essence of what we do.

Movement precedes physical training

Health & Fitness

We believe in looking after the vessel, taking care of your body. In improving mobility, flexibility and honouring the importance of recovery. Learn how to move first, so you can train properly after.

Fitness is a way to become happier

Fitness makes you happier

Fitness can positively affect the rest of your day; it can propel you into the day or relax you into the night. Knowing this is needed so you can utilize it in your advantage.

Change starts with how you see yourself

weight loss

You are the one who can determine whether you’re attractive, loveable, accepted, content, fulfilled, happy or secure. You don’t need the perfect body first. Be compassionate with yourself!

Our Founder: Davie McConnachie

Davie McConnachie coach

You’ll see and hear him from afar. There’s no escaping this tall, fun-loving, man. Davie has had quite the journey into becoming and staying fit. And it has not always been easy. On the contrary! He knows exactly what it’s like to be overwhelmed, overweight, out of shape and stuck into unhealthy patterns.