Let’s Fall in Love with Fitness!

The Premium personal trainer choice in Glasgow for high-achieving professionals who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance and success.

Living a successful and balanced life, abundant with joy and happiness, is a deep desire we all cherish. However, it’s more than our job. It’s more than our house. It’s more than the impact we make. It’s about us as well. Our own fitness – physical, mental and emotional – Is the gateway to this success.

You do not have to accept discomfort, such as being overweight, feeling tired, having diabetes or high blood pressure, worrying or experiencing stress. You don’t have to take this for granted. In fact, you can change this! At DMC Fitness, our coaches gladly guide you towards feeling Fit from the inside out.

Here’s what we stand for…

Premium Personal Training
You can expect the best from the best: all our certified coaches & trainers are fully equipped to take your through our training packages.
Making Fitness Fun!
We believe that to really stick with your training routine, you need to have FUN. If you’re in for a laugh, some banter… you’re at the right place.
Movement First
Improving mobility, flexibility and honouring the importance of recovery: that’s how you move. Without this, training is only a burden for the body.

Could we be a match?

You’re driven. Ambitious. Working as a successful professional or as the CEO of a successful business. You’ve got a lot going for you, but your work seems to absorb too much of your energy, and your body is telling you that this needs to stop now. Whether you have physical complaints as a result of mental or emotional stress, or as a result of lack of strength, we are here to help you get FIT again. And love it.

“If we can teach people to fall in love with fitness, we’ve done our job properly.”

Davie McConnachie, founder DMC Fitness, award-winning Speaker & Coach

Personal Training

Personal Training

1-to-1 personal training is your opportunity to work on your physical wellbeing with one of our certified personal trainers.

  • Purposeful training, tailored to your needs
  • Always the same passionate trainer
  • Loads of fun, even when you want to kill us 😉
  • 1000% commitment to your progression

Online Personal Training

No time to hit the gym, traveling abroad or simply want to work out with a certified personal trainer, who works with you remotely? Try our online personal training.

  • Online, but fully tailored to you
  • Live, no pre-recorded training
  • No machinery needed, we provide the props
  • 1000% commitment to your progression
Online Personal Training

“We teach the same level of excellence as how we train ourselves. We’ve competed internationally and got certified in, for example, kettlebell training, boxing and kickboxing, bodyweight training with a specific focus on movement to prevent injury. We’re happy to pass this on to our clients.”

Davie McConnachie

Why us?

(…and not some other gym)

  • Because together we will transform your personal fitness journey into a fun, loving, sustainable and healthy practice you simply don’t want to do without
  • Because you’ll receive absolute, 100% premium treatment (only in the most loving, ethical way)
  • Because we’re the only place in the world where you can follow the DMC M Power 5 Method (yes, our founder Davie developed it himself)
  • Because we’re super committed to supporting you in every way we can
  • And because you’ll be inspired and encouraged the whole way 
Fitness coaching
DMC Personal Trainers

Ah, ok, can we just boast a little please? We’re proud to say we have been shortlisted in 2014 for the National Fitness Awards’ UK Gym Team of the Year, Scottish Regional Gym of the Year and UK Functional Gym of the Year. In 2015, we were shortlisted again, coming first runner up in the Scottish Regional Gym of the Year category.

In 2020 we won the SME UK enterprise award, for ‘Health & Wellness Coach of the Year’ and the GHP Fitness and Nutrition Award for the ‘Best Premiere Personal Training – Scotland’. 

Sure, we enjoy the industry recognition. But… We take most pride in the incredible results our clients have achieved with our help.

Get to know us

Our story is a journey of personal discovery. A journey of beautiful ups and downs, accompanied by many challenges, that inspired us on a business level too. It’s Davie’s journey.

He’s guided us to where we are now: the primary choice for successful professionals who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance and success. Our gym is designed to do more than physical fitness alone; movement precedes physical exercise, and our mindset supports our every move. More importantly? We immerse our clients in a world where Fitness equals FUN.

Don’t just believe us? Listen to these incredible student success stories!

Television producer, Abi, was struggling with poor eating habits and a hip disorder. With our help she’s gone from a size 18 to a size 12 and feels much happier physically.

My husband persuaded me to try DMC fitness and boy am I glad he did. He had to really talk me into it after we came back from holiday last year. We hadn’t held back on our hols and we were sick of the sight of ourselves. We were both overweight, tired and looked pretty terrible.

Even before our holiday we’d been stuck in a cycle of over-eating and drinking for a good few years. Having previously been quite an active person, enjoying running and aerobics etc, I’d been struggling with a hip disorder that was making exercise difficult and dragging me down; work was extremely busy and stressful which gave me loads of excuses to abuse food and alcohol so I was just getting bigger and bigger and my hip worse and worse.

Neither of us could muster up the motivation to go to the gym so my husband Tom was searching online looking for other options one night and came across the DMC website, where he found a testimonial by a friend of his. He gave him a ring and had a good old chat and was assured he wouldn’t regret joining up with DMC. I took a lot more persuasion but finally agreed to go in with Tom for the induction. I met up with Davie and he took me through the whole DMC ethos, I explained my hip problems and what I wanted to achieve and he explained how Pablo, a coach with experience of training with people with hip and knee problems, could help me and I was inspired by him and his story as well as their approach to my personal fitness. I’d never experienced this level of care and interest at any other gym in my life. Tom and I both signed up on the spot for the Platinum programme and the rest, as they say, is history!

I’ve been with DMC now since September 2016 so nearly a year. My original goals were to strengthen the muscles around my hip, to prolong the life of it until such times as I need a hip replacement. I also wanted to live a healthier lifestyle of eating well and drinking less so the fact DMC does the whole package was another real draw for me. On top of that I just wanted to get in shape and be happier and more confident with my body and mind.

Since Sept 2016 Pablo has patiently worked with me in building my strength slowly and gradually and I’ve lost over a stone and a half! And I’m not finished yet! I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 12 and I’m still losing weight and shaping up. In the first 12 weeks alone I lost a stone and 16.5 inches of fat. Since then I’ve lost more and my hip is so much stronger now that I’m even able to do split squats and lunges and all sorts of things I never thought I’d be able to do again! My eating habits have changed and I drink a lot less alcohol and I feel a lot happier. But DMC hasn’t just helped me physically, I’ve had a few Magic Mind sessions with Davie which was a whole other revelation; discovering things about myself mentally and emotionally and learning mechanisms to help me cope better with the stresses of my job that had been previously getting me down.

The reasons I keep going back to DMC are pretty obvious from all of the above but the main thing is I really enjoy being in the gym with Pablo, Davie, Julie, Grant and Steven and the other clients. It’s not a big gym so you’re not surrounded by lots of other people mindlessly training with their headphones on. You’re engaged with your coach and the banter is awesome! Honestly, it’s hard work but it’s fun. The coaches all really care, they don’t judge and we have the crack. I train on a Saturday morning at 10am and it’s the perfect start to my weekend.

My hip could probably last a lot longer now that it’s much stronger but I’m going to get the replacement early 2017 because I’m excited to see how much more I can do and how much fitter I can become when I’m totally pain free and unhindered.

So I’ll keep going to DMC until I get my hip operation and then I’ll be back as soon as I’m on my feet and able and for as long as they will have me.

Stephen has been training with DMC since 2011, shedding 3 stone in 4 months. He’s still with us and loves fitness more than ever.

My own DMC journey started in Oct 2009, when I was tipping the scales at nearly 16 stones, which was easily the heaviest I had ever been. I was really pretty miserable with my body condition but didn’t have any idea how to go about making a change. It just seemed so unlikely that I would be able to make any real difference and It was easier to just ignore the problem and hope it would somehow work itself out. Obviously that didn’t work as you don’t get what you want, you get what you work for!

Eventually I decided enough was enough and after being introduced to Davie by a friend, I proceeded to lose nearly 3 stones in weight within the first 12 months of training with him.

The training programmes were always really varied and included bodyweight, kettlebell and boxing routines which allowed for continual progression and development as my conditioning and strength improved.

Just as important was the nutritional advice Davie passed onto me. I learned that there was little point in putting myself through punishing training regimes if I was going to undo all the good work with an unhealthy diet. I still have a big appetite but now try and eat more of the right food types.

Eventually I got my body fat level down to 8%, which is pretty lean for a 41 yr old.

It’s not always been plain sailing though and occasionally I have to pull back from training on account of a long term back problem. I had an operation on a slipped disc around 15 yrs ago and now and again it flares up and causes quite a bit of back and leg pain. When this happens I work closely with Davie and with the right stretching and extended mobility work the rehab times are generally pretty short and I can return to training again. Davie has always been careful to work around my back issues and creates bespoke regimes which help to strengthen my back without aggravating the problem.

When Davie started up the Glasgow Kettlebell Club (GKC), I really enjoyed being involved and we regularly took part in Kettlebell Competitions around the country. This also gave me an opportunity to let my competitive nature come out to play!

For me getting fit was actually relatively easy, once I got started. The much harder part was maintaining it. A lot of people manage to lose large amounts of weight through sometimes quite radical or extreme diets , however, it can be very difficult to avoid the dreaded rebound. With Davies help and advice I have been able to stay in pretty decent shape for the past 3 and a half years and I still feel determined to make further improvements and achieve new fitness goals all the time.

With Davie and the rest of the DMC team constantly encouraging me and pushing me on I genuinely feel I will reach new levels of fitness this year and hopefully long into the future.

I can’t really recommend DMC enough. It’s not an exaggeration to say my life changed for the better the day I met Davie.

“I’ve witnessed so many clients who went from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I nailed it!’, simply because they trusted the process. We learn new stuff all the time. If we just have a little more patience with ourselves, we can become fit, healthy and actually fall in love with fitness.”

Davie McConnachie

DMC Fitness is the primary personal training choice in Glasgow for successful professionals in the realm of physical, mental and emotional fitness. We offer the best Personal Training to clients who aspire to live a life of joy, happiness, balance and success.

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