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Stuart Cameron Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Stuart Cameron After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Stuart Cameron's experience at DMC Fitness

“After a few months training with DMC Stuart's wife Emma could do more press ups than him After seeing this it was time to change. Stuart is now bigger, faster and more muscular than ever before”

David Doran Before DMC Fitness Personal Training David Doran After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about David Doran's experience at DMC Fitness

“The pressures of being a successful business director played a big part in Davids unhealthiness. In a cafe buying some food he noticed a flyer for DMC. He signed up and went on to lose 4 stones and completely transform his body, health and fitness. ”

Sheena Costello Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Sheena Costello After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Sheena Costello's experience at DMC Fitness

“Due to Polycystic Ovaries the doctors told Sheena she would only lose weight taking medication... She joined DMC dropped down to a size 8 and lost a couple of stones doing so”

Graeme Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Graeme After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Graeme's experience at DMC Fitness

“As an experienced gym-goer, Graeme was stunned when DMC helped him drop his bodyfat to just 8% and pack on over a stone of lean muscle”

Pauline Kelly Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Pauline Kelly After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Pauline Kelly's experience at DMC Fitness

“With her 40th looming Pauline wanted to look fabulous at 40. She signed up with DMC because her husband had such good results. Pauline joined a long list of transformations and you can too”

Charlotte Hopkins Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Charlotte Hopkins After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Charlotte Hopkins's experience at DMC Fitness

“Looking to be more active, lose weight, feel happier and be healthier Charlotte came to DMC... In 12 weeks Charlotte shed over a stone in weight. Burned 25.5 inches of fat dropped dress sizes and her BMI”

Angela Wood Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Angela Wood After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Angela Wood's experience at DMC Fitness

“Baby weight loss was Angela's first goal then it was getting stronger and doing press ups on her toes. Along the way she lost a few stones burned loads of inches and dropped her body fat by over 10%”

Andy Swan Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Andy Swan After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Andy Swan's experience at DMC Fitness

“Learn more about Andy's transformation through personal training”

Arlene McGeachy Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Arlene McGeachy After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Arlene McGeachy's experience at DMC Fitness

“Arlene is back in her size 8 jeans for the first time since she got married 6 years ago”

Julie Maitland Before DMC Fitness Personal Training Julie Maitland After DMC Fitness Personal Training

Read about Julie Maitland's experience at DMC Fitness

“After trying every fad diet out there Julie found DMC, 6 years on and two babies later she is still a size 8”

We believe in fitness

We believe that everyone has the right to be happy in body, mind and spirit. That’s why we focus on fitness from 3 approaches physical fitness, mental fitness, and emotional fitness.

By combining development across all 3 areas, a solid and lasting transformation is produced.

It’s only through our own experience of many thousands of hours coaching that we can rapidly improve our clients health, fitness and motivation for life.

If your struggle with motivation to train or the ability to be consistently healthy and are hard working and ambitious then you’ll be a perfect fit for us.

Alternatively if your looking for some faddy restrictive and boring broccoli and steamed chicken type of regime then we are definitely the wrong fit.

We love to coach and share our expertise. We are very passionate about helping people excel in their health, fitness and motivation and would love to help you.

Click the button below and start your transformation today.

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The DMC experience

Unlike commercial gyms, there are no treadmills, cross trainers or static cardio equipment in our facility. All of our equipment is here to help you get the best results in the quickest time possible. A mixture of old school and new, it's the perfect blend!

DMC Fitness Gym

During your initial 12 weeks with us, you are taught the skills and tools to be healthy for life.

You will learn:
· Effective [video_popup url="" text="warm up" auto=""], [video_popup url="" text="cool down" auto=""] and [video_popup url="" text="recovery" auto=""] routines
· [video_popup url="" text="Bodyweight exercises" auto=""] and [video_popup url="" text="circuit training" auto=""]

· [video_popup url="" text="Kettlebell training" auto=""] for fitness and fat loss

· [video_popup url="" text="Boxing and kickboxing" auto=""] for fun and fitness
· [video_popup url="" text="Motivational coaching" auto=""] for peak performance
· [video_popup url="" text="Eating guidance" auto=""] for optimal health and vitality

Everyone who comes onto a program in DMC Fitness follow the DMC M Power 5.

DMC M Power 5

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In contrast to the traditional high dependency coaching model, our programs are the complete opposite. We teach you everything you need to know in order to be fit and healthy for life.

This is the main reason we stand out so well in a saturated industry. Most coaches sell service. We don't train you – we teach you and share our knowledge to such a high standard that you will be empowered to exercise on your own with confidence.

All of our coaching programs come with world class content in the form of manuals, [video_popup url="" text="how-to videos" auto=""], [video_popup url="" text="vlogs" auto=""], blogs, [video_popup url="" text="recipes" auto=""], and regular emails.

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We are quality information providers and add massive value at every stage of your journey. For over ten years, we have been perfecting our process.

All of the coaching staff have been through the DMC program. Having all experienced personal health and fitness issues ourselves, we successfully overcame these obstacles. We then went onto become champion athletes in martial arts and kettlebell sport.

Our coaching is a blend of personal experience and professional expertise.

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The DMC coaching staff have a combined industry experience of 50+ years and truly love what they do – helping people become fitter, healthier and stronger.

Our average client weight loss in only three months is 1.5 stones (21lbs) regardless of age, ability or physical background. This rapid weight loss also comes with an instant boost in energy, focus, productivity and improved sleep.

We teach with huge pride, passion and purpose. Each client has their own dedicated coach to take great care of you and guide you throughout your time with us.

All coaching is carried out in our custom built private training facility where everyone has fun, works hard and enjoys the experience. For over ten years, we have been perfecting our process and producing truly life-transforming results.

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We really do care about you getting the results you deserve and would love to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in life.

DMC Fitness are expert health and fitness coaches. Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter or build muscle we can help you. If you need a personal trainer Glasgow based then you've come to the right place.

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We love working with...

We know personally what it's like to feel out of shape, overweight and a bit unhappy with how we look and feel. If you can relate to this then the good news is it can and will be fixed.

When you work with a coach who truly understands where your at and how you feel the potential to overcome your health and fitness based challenge is huge.

That's why we produce such incredible life-changing transformations we have all been through the process ourselves which enables us to coach with a level of compassion and understanding others can't.

If you're ready to make positive changes to your lifestyle and experience the amazing benefits being fitter and healthier bring then please book your free success session with us now.

We enjoy working with honest, hard working individuals who are successful in their careers but maybe a bit overweight or out of shape in their personal lives.

Mostly our clients are professional people with busy schedules so we tailor all programmes to suit their lifestyle and create a routine that will help achieve the desired goals.

We have many retired people training with us as well as stay at home mums. There is a package that suits everyone.

We have 3 packages: Gold, Platinum and Diamond Elite.

Our Gold package is perfect for you if you want to train in an exclusively private gym with a dedicated coach. We have a wide range of clients each with their own goals. If improving your overall health and fitness is your goal and not specifically weight loss based then this package is perfect for you.

Our Platinum package is our most popular. Many people come to DMC Fitness to lose weight and this package delivers that and so much more. In the platinum program you will learn everything you'll ever need to know to be fit and healthy for life.

Our Diamond Elite package is specifically for Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Partners, Senior Managers and experienced business owners.

This package is delivered by Davie. With over a decade of experience working as an executive peak performance coach and appointment in Virgin brand and Health Education Board Scotland along many other large businesses Davie understands the challenges faced when working within the high pressured executive roles above. Book your free success session with Davie now.

It doesn't matter what age or weight you are, or how out of shape you may feel. We can help you achieve the results you truly deserve.

If you would like to transform your health and fitness while learning how to improve your body then come to DMC Fitness.

We give you all the techniques, tools, informationand motivation you’ll need to experience amazing results no matter which of our packages you choose.

DMC Fitness shortlisted in National Fitness Awards

Awards & Industry Recognition

DMC Fitness always strive to be the best and we’re proud to have been shortlisted in 2014 for the National Fitness Awards’ UK Gym Team of the Year, Scottish Regional Gym of the Year and UK Functional Gym of the Year.

In 2015, we were shortlisted again coming first runner up in the Scottish Regional Gym of the Year category.

In 2017 Davie won awards for professional speaking and at the Professional Speakers Awards ceremony Davie was Shortlisted for Best UK male speaker, best solution framework, best story teller, and best business growth.

While we enjoy the industry recognition, we take most pride in the incredible results our clients have achieved with our help.

DMC Fitness team at the National Fitness Awards

What the professionals are saying about DMC Fitness

Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation

“You will be in great hands with Davie and his training crew. He truly cares about your health well being and progress. Train with Davie, he is able to take you farther than you can take yourself.”
Steve Cotter Founder & President of IKFF

Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Fitness Expert

“The DMC crew all have the great combination of being strong athletes as well as great teachers and that is exactly what you want in a trainer. I recommend their services highly.”
Mike Mahler Kettlebell Expert, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Martin Rooney, Training for Warriors

“After working with Davie and the DMC team, I know that they have the tools for success and the passion to help others reach their goals.”
Martin Rooney Founder & Training for Warriors

Rannoch Donald, Simple Strength

“Davie is one of a handful of coaches and trainers I have met over the years who "gets" it. Drawing on his own journey and experience he has created a remarkable vehicle for personal transformation.”
Rannoch Donald Simple Strength & The 100 Rep Challenge

  • Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation
  • Martin Rooney, Training for Warriors
  • Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Fitness Expert
  • Rannoch Donald, Simple Strength