Davie McConnachie

Founder/Director/High-Performance Executive Coach

Inspire, educate, motivate and transform are Davie McConnachie’s core values.

When you work with Davie, he will inspire you. You will become highly motivated and the education you receive from him will be of the highest standard. During your program of coaching many areas of your life will undoubtedly be improved, some even transformed.

Since 2006 Davie has been transforming his own life, his business and the lives of those who work closely with him.

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Working with Davie is exciting and challenging. He has an ability to quickly understand people and the challenges they face, creating appropriate and straightforward strategies to resolve their issues through fitness and motivation.

With infectious energy and huge amounts of passion Davie is dedicated to serving those around him to the very best of his ability. He excels in his role as a high-performance executive coach and fitness expert and has improved thousands of lives during his career. His portfolio of transformations speaks for itself.

Founding, designing and developing DMC, his unique coaching facility in Glasgow, has been a dream come true. Since opening in October 2011, without any external financial investment, Davie has taken the business through year-on-year growth to make it the highly successful venture that it is today. This whole experience has been both extremely painful and very productive, helping to shape Davie into the character and successful entrepreneur he is today.

Throughout all of this he has had the full support of his team, Julie, Pablo and Grant. Julie and Grant even left their former careers to be a part of the success of DMC.

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In 2016, Davie launched the DMC “M” Power 5 Program, bringing together his unique blend of expertise gained via his decade of delivering health, fitness and mindset coaching. This model is used on all three of the DMC programs: Diamond Elite, Platinum and Gold.

DMC M Power 5

Davie’s desire is to help eradicate sedentary lifestyles. His mission is to motivate 10 Million people M-T-M. The vision is a global reach. The vehicle is the DMC “M” Power 5. T he platforms will be from DMC HQ in Glasgow Scotland and digitally via his website and online membership service. Combining all of the above alongside Davie’s values of inspiring, educating, motivating and transforming the lives of those he coaches in his lifetime he will drive to see his purpose and mission in life complete.

Davie loves to work with and has extensive experience of coaching Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Executives and Experienced Business Owners.

In a corporate capacity, Davie has worked with the executive at Virgin, Health Education Board Scotland and several other large businesses.

Davie specialises in:

He is highly disciplined and driven to develop, grow and succeed. Over the years he has invested heavily (over £100,000) in his own personal and professional development and is proud to have been taught by the very best coaches. These coaches include:

  • In kettlebell training Steve Cotter, Arsenij Zhernakov, and Mike Mahler;
  • Billy Nelson and Colin Belshaw in boxing;
  • Several top Scottish kickboxing coaches;
  • Global leaders in the field of motivation and personal development, Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington, Les Brown, Dr Bandler and Paul McKenna, Dr Cheryl Chapman;

A passionate teacher, athlete and coach, Davie’s life wasn’t always this way. He’s had to learn to overcome and deal with child abuse, several addictions, low self-esteem, and poor mental health challenges. From the ages of 5 to 27 Davies life was a complete train wreck. Then he found and fell in love with martial arts, motivation and fitness and everything changed.

Davie delivers the Diamond Elite Program.

Contact Davie to arrange your initial free success session.

Davie’s Fact File

Davie McConnachie

Industry experience

12 years – 10 of those running my own business.

Relevant qualifications

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) Fitness, Health & Exercise
  • Certified Kettlebell Teacher IKFF
    (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation)
  • Fitness and Dynamics Movement Specialist
    International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation)
  • Training For Warriors Level 1
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner
  • Black belt candidate Jeet Kune Do

Courses attended

  • Tony Robbins, Unleash The Power Within
  • Tony Robbins, Business Mastery
  • Andy Harrington, Power To Achieve
  • Andy Harrington, Public Speakers University
  • Andy Harrington, Internet Marketing
  • Andy Harrington, Elite Coaching Program
  • Simon Coulson, Internet Business School
  • Dr Bandler & Paul McKenna, Get The Life You Want
  • Les Brown, Live Your Dreams
  • Anne Jones (six times world speed reading champion) Speed Reading Masterclass
  • The Brand Brains, B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Program

Professional memberships

  • Professional Speakers Academy
  • International Kettlebell Fitness Federation

Sporting achievements

  • Competed Internationally in Kettlebell Sport at IKFF Nationals in Detroit.
  • Competed nationally in Kettlebell Sport in the UK
  • Light Heavyweight MMA Champion
  • ABA Light Heavyweight Boxing Bout
  • Thai Boxed at the biggest show in Scotland
  • Completed the London Marathon 2016
  • Completed the Great Scottish Run Glasgow Half Marathon in 2003 & 2015
  • Men’s 10k fun run

Athletic Coaching Success

  • Grant McLachlan, Pablo Jareno, Billy Smith, and John Rae all learned to box competitively with Davie.
  • Grant McLachlan, Kirsty Glancy and Julie McConnachie were all multiple amateur kettlebell sport champions. Steve Kelly was also an amateur kettlebell champion.

Awards & recognition

  • 2014 National Fitness Awards Shortlisted for:
    • Functional Training Gym of the Year
    • Gym Team of the Year
    • Regional Gym of the Year Scotland
  • 2015 National Fitness Awards Shortlisted for:
    • Functional Training Gym of the Year
    • Regional Gym of the Year Scotland
    • We placed first runner-up that year for Regional Gym of the Year Scotland.
  • 2017 Professional Speakers Academy Shortlisted. Won 2 awards for professional speaking and storytelling

Davies Loves & Passions

Teaching is my main passion. I really do love to teach. There is a special type of fulfilment that comes from watching a student learn, grow, develop and transform. It’s a truly wonderful experience and one that fills me with massive pride and drives my purpose and mission in life.

I love training I exercise every day first thing in the morning before my coaching or business development day begins. My favourite types of training are kickboxing, strength circuits, kettlebell training, skipping, cycling and mountain trekking. In between my heavy training sessions, I focus on my mobility, flexibility and active recovery.

Away from teaching, training and developing our business I love to spend time with my wife Julie and our boys Lewis and James. We enjoy eating out, going to the soft play and cinema and we ensure we get sunshine holidays together where we spend time playing in the pool. My family is a massive part of my life.

My third love, after my family and my fitness, is food. I have a huge love for it. I love everything about it. That includes sourcing it, cooking it and eating it. There’s nothing I enjoy more that sitting down to an epic feast with family and friends. Such is my love for food that I even went as far as entering and winning a Man v Food eating competition. I also love watching my favourite chefs and cooks create their magic on TV.

My other loves are music, motivation and meditation. At any given point in the day if I can listen to music, TED talks or motivational speakers then I will. When I get some me time I’ll open the windows, close the curtains plug my headphones in and disappear into the music, motivation or a guided meditation.

I make sure I have fun planned around my passions on a daily basis. It takes planning, organisation and discipline but is well worth it. I live a fast-paced, exciting and very fulfilling life.

Personal statement

Exercise has given me everything I have to date and for that, I will be forever grateful. Back when I was crawling through the darkness of addiction, obesity and poor mental health there was no direction in my life. I was completely lost, desolate sad, and very, very afraid.

Then exercise came into my life like a big shining angel. I was given a chance to change and deciding to make that change was the best decision I have ever made and this is when my life’s journey really began.

During my journey, every day I have learned something new about myself and the people around me. I cherish my clients and students as it is them who give me the opportunity to be their coach.

My coaching skills are a perfect fit for Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Executives and established business owners.

“The decisions that you make today are the positive changes you implement tomorrow”

I hope to meet you in person soon.

To health, happiness and ‘Strength for Life’,


What the professionals are saying about DMC Fitness

Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation

“You will be in great hands with Davie and his training crew. He truly cares about your health well being and progress. Train with Davie, he is able to take you farther than you can take yourself.”

Steve Cotter Founder & President of IKFF

Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Fitness Expert

“The DMC crew all have the great combination of being strong athletes as well as great teachers and that is exactly what you want in a trainer. I recommend their services highly.”

Mike Mahler Kettlebell Expert, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Martin Rooney, Training for Warriors

“After working with Davie and the DMC team, I know that they have the tools for success and the passion to help others reach their goals.”

Martin Rooney Founder & Training for Warriors

Rannoch Donald, Simple Strength

“Davie is one of a handful of coaches and trainers I have met over the years who “gets” it. Drawing on his own journey and experience he has created a remarkable vehicle for personal transformation.”

Rannoch Donald Simple Strength & The 100 Rep Challenge

    • Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell Fitness Federation
    • Martin Rooney, Training for Warriors
    • Mike Mahler, Kettlebell Fitness Expert
  • Rannoch Donald, Simple Strength

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