Diamond Elite High Performance Coaching

This package is delivered by DMC Fitness creator and head coach Davie McConnachie.

The program is a hugely interactive, fulfilling and life-improving process.

Set out initially over 12 weeks with each session lasting 2 hours Davie has taken all the most successful parts of his experience from over a decade in the health and fitness industry and five years delivering mindset and personal motivation coaching to deliver a truly incredible experience.

The Diamond Elite program focusses deeply on all five areas of the DMC M Power 5.

Your Motivation is reviewed and clearly defined goals are set. Davie uses a process that allows you to focus 100% on what you really value in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in producing for our careers and our passions at times can be put to the side. Fun is such an important part of life and relaxing is a great way to recharge and reboot. As much as career success is a must for us, high achievers, your general happiness and fulfilment in life are just as important as well. When you focus on what you truly value in life it becomes more fulfilled.

Your Mindset is evaluated and any limiting beliefs are dismantled along with any past emotional baggage that you need to let go of. Many of us have blind spots in life. Davie gently guides you towards the mirror of self-assessment where you can recognise any areas of your thinking that are holding you back, and then you start a reconditioning process that eventually will resolve any mindset or emotional challenges you may have. It all starts with thinking and to perform at your peak the correct mindset is essential.

Your Metabolism is supercharged which will instantly improve your energy, productivity, focus, clarity of thought and sleep. There are no strict diets plans or hocus-pocus magic potions. This section of the program will empower your health and vitality and assist your body in rejuvenating itself so you have a vibrant energy and optimal health.

The Movement section will improve your mobility and flexibility. The K-Cardio exercise training program will teach you kettlebell and kickboxing skills along with core and conditioning strength. Davie teaches how he trains himself. He was a competitive champion athlete and has boxed, kickboxed and competed in MMA – Mixed Martial Arts. He has also competed nationally and internationally in kettlebell Sport. The movement and physical skills he will teach you will be with you for life.

The Mechanics section of the program will give you the tools and ability to embed this into your daily and weekly routine so that your health, vitality, and all levels of your physical and emotional health are improved indefinitely.

The Diamond Elite program really is an incredible all-round package that any personal trainer Glasgow would be proud of.

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You will be taught and learn a wide range of health, physical, and motivational skills. You’ll train in many different ways ranging from bodyweight training and circuits to kettlebells and kickboxing for fitness, you will use specialist equipment like Bulgarian bags, and the prowler for core strength and conditioning.

There’s never a dull moment on this program you’ll also learn how to fuel your body effectively for maximum health and vitality. Davie will teach you how to have everlasting energy, minimise negative stress and the destructive effects it can have while producing a huge level of personal wealth, success and happiness. The Diamond Elite program has the ability to completely transform many areas of your life.

It’s not just about optimising your physical health, it’s about the lasting changes in your personal attitude and mindset that will lead to massive positive improvements in your life. The positive effects of the Diamond Elite program will have a knock-on effect to every area of your day-to-day life.

This program is perfect for  Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Executives and established business owners these are the clients Davie specialises in coaching. His personal guarantee to you is that your life will never be the same again.

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“Strength for Life”

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