Stress And Its Effects

On The Body If there was ever a time where you should not recreate the wheel it is now.  The video below featuring Dr Bruce Lipton demonstrates what happens to our bodies when way too much cortisol is manufactured in our physiology. In a side note, how epic are our bodies. The chemistry that goes […]

Health and Self Care – The Process

In last weeks blog I talked about health and self care and in this blog I will be sharing the process and formula I use to keep myself healthy in body and mind. This is the system I use when coaching my clients. Here is the step by step process that I recommend: 1. Sort […]

Kettlebell Training… DMC High Pull Combo.

Our latest kettlebell routine is the DMC “High Pull” Kettlebell Combination Lift. We advise that you have a decent knowledge of how to use kettlebells to do this routine. There are other less complicated routines in the Movement & Mechanics section . We love training with kettlebells and have done since 2009. All the DMC […]

T.O.T.W – Bodyweight Squat

Welcome to Technique of the Week. This week, we are looking at the basic exercises of the bodyweight squat and the push-ups the progressions you can work towards obviously depending on your level and at the end bottom of the blog there are sample workouts to try. Warm up and dynamic stretching are essential before carrying out […]

Mobility is Medicine

*Disclaimer always consult your health care professional i.e. GP or Physio if you are unsure of exercising.* Mobility is medicine I heard that saying a few years ago. On the same weekend, I heard someone say I don’t need a gym my bodies the gym. Both sayings very true and the older I’ve gotten the more […]