Can You Be Too Old To Exercise?

Many people believe that their age is a barrier to exercise. I’ve heard it a lot in my career and I can confirm it’s a false and at times limiting belief. As humans mature they get physically and mentally weaker especially as they reach 60 +. This is just a fact of life. However, for […]

Self Care: Massage

I’m a big fan of massage and the positive effects it has on the body and soul. I believe that it has contributed greatly to my health and keeps me injury free. Here are 3 massage methods that I use daily / semi-regularly that you might want to try yourself: Self Myofacial Release Each day I […]

The Cateran Yomp 2019

On the weekend of 8th and 9th of June I took part in the Cateran Yomp. The Cateran Yomp (a military term for a long-distance march) is the biggest, toughest event of its kind. It takes place on the 8/9 June in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. Teams of 3-6 people battle […]

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

What’s the Difference? When I talk to potential clients about what they would like to achieve, one of the most common answers is, “I want to lose weight”. Although this is what they say, it isn’t actually what they want. Confused? Stick with me and you won’t be. First thing we need to understand is… […]

DMC’s Top 5 Health Hacks at Work

In the fast paced corporate world that many execs live in, the most valuable commodity they have is time. Busy schedules, intense projects, daily meetings and targets to achieve all apply pressure during the working day. Many of our clients when they first come to meet us are unhealthy and stressed out due to the […]

Managing The Stress of Success

The majority of clients who start my programme are chronically stressed. The demands and responsibilities at work and at home can sometimes be overwhelming and if left unchecked can result in bad consequences for your physical and mental health. Just ask Kerwin Rae. He is a business entrepreneur and international speaker. Being one of the […]

Health and Self Care – The Process

In last weeks blog I talked about health and self care and in this blog I will be sharing the process and formula I use to keep myself healthy in body and mind. This is the system I use when coaching my clients. Here is the step by step process that I recommend: 1. Sort […]

Kettlebell Training… DMC High Pull Combo.

Our latest kettlebell routine is the DMC “High Pull” Kettlebell Combination Lift. We advise that you have a decent knowledge of how to use kettlebells to do this routine. There are other less complicated routines in the Movement & Mechanics section . We love training with kettlebells and have done since 2009. All the DMC […]