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The Art of Skipping

In this blog I share a brief short history of the art of skipping (jumping rope) and a series of videos that will get you jumping rope like a pro.

I absolutely love skipping it’s a love I have nurtured over 10 years. I wish I had always loved it but I didn’t. At first I couldn’t even throw the rope over my head let alone jump it. I share my story in the video below.

Skipping A Short History

The art of skipping has been enjoyed for many centuries. Exactly where skipping came from, causes a little debate. Some people say that it came from China and was actually one of the featured sports as part of the Chinese New Year Festival, and others say that it goes all the way back to the Egyptians and the aborigines of Australia. The first skipping rope is said to have been made using bamboo, as well as vines that came from the jungle and the first time that there was any evidence of skipping was displayed on medieval paintings.

The popularity of skipping or “jumping rope” came in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It was originally an activity for children when playing by themselves or with their friends. This was partially due to its simplicity as it only needed one rope and was great fun for kids. After the 50’s the popularity for this activity dwindled but things changed in the 70’s when fitness became a priority for people and it’s of course now used as part of warm-ups, kick boxing, pilates, yoga and more.

Video no 2 explains how pick your rope.

Video no 3 is how to adjust the rope to suit your height.

Benefits for Athletes

As well as having benefits to your health in general – it is also is a fantastic exercise for athletes. It essentially is a full body workout that is perfect for body toning especially your thighs, shins and calves. At the same time you are also getting an ab and arm workout. As it’s a bodyweight exercise you will find that it’s perfect for muscle tone and it is particularly effective for combat sport athletes MMA, Boxing, Kick boxing, Wrestling, as you will find that it aids your balance coordination, agility and footwork. Although skipping is a fantastic exercise activity for anyone, athletes will definitely reap the rewards.

Video no 4 the basic “How To” Jump Rope

 It’s Role in the Art of Boxing

One of the most successful boxers of all time Muhammad Ali and back in the day he was one of the best “jump ropers” there ever was, and it can be argued that this type of training was partially responsible for his speed when in the boxing ring. Fast forward to the present day and one if not the best boxer of our time Floyd Mayweather Jnr. uses skipping as an integral part of his training regime.

If there is one thing that a boxer needs when pitting himself/herself against an opponent is stamina – of course you need to be the last one standing. Skipping helps build your endurance and stamina levels and at the same time, by repeating that same action with your wrists and jumping over and over again – you are working on timing which is also a crucial part of boxing. When throwing that crucial punch – you need your timing to be perfect. As previously mentioned you need to get your footwork right in a sport like boxing – it’s one of the keys to throwing a good punch! Skipping is the perfect way to make sure that you are working on your fancy footwork and it will also help you dodge punches.

Floyd Mayweather skipping

Skipping World Championships

The 1st Skipping World Championship was held in Australia in 1997, and at that time there were 8 competing countries. Since then it has been hosted in lots of different countries including the United Kingdom in 2010 in Loughborough. There are now 21 different countries as part of this main event as well as others with provisional memberships. The 2016 event will be held in Sweden from July 24th through to August 2nd and we are sure that this event will only get more popular and successful.

Male World Champion of Jump rope

and one for the ladies

Health Benefits

Of course the activity of skipping comes with certain health benefits. The NHS for example advises that skipping can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes. Because it also improves your heart beat rate it also has a positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

So as you can see so many benefits available when you learn the art of skipping. Once you have mastered the basics taught below in my how to video.

You then progress to more advanced skipping


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