Happy Feet

Building the foundation of your body from the ground up The feet and ankles are used more than any other part of the body (except the hands) on a day to day basis. This area of the body allows us to do so much from the minute we start walking as a child, and for […]

May 2020 Review

It’s been another month of coaching, creating, contemplating, fitness training, reading, writing and having fun family time. Coaching  We continue to deliver results based 1-to-1 coaching sessions to our amazing clients. They are all doing great, making steady progress while producing solid results.  When this whole ‘lockdown’ happened I was confident that my Crew and […]

Protein Power Smoothie

I often get asked how I use supplements in my daily routine. One method is my through my Protein Power Smoothie. This is the recipe I use for our post training recovery drinks.  I call this my chocolate protein power smoothie.  Ok starting out with the ingredients.  500ml water  1 medium banana  1 scoop sunwarrior […]

DMC’s Self Care Series

This is the DMC Fitness self care series of blogs. All of our blogs on the topic collected in one single resource. Health and Self Care Let’s talk about health and self care. Those who know me and my story know that I spent many years of my life living unhealthily. Over time I’ve discovered […]

DMC’s Movement Medicine

Do you like to feel alive and alert? I know I do.  I inject my day with Vitamin L.  Love, Laughter, and Lighthearted Fun.  Okay, so here is the process:  Step 1 – Score yourself out of 10 for how energised you are. 1 is no energy 10 is energiser bunny level. Write down your […]

DMC’s April 2020 Review

It’s the first week of May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 ‘Pandemic’ the UK has been forced into house arrest. All ‘non essential’ businesses have been closed. The lockdown started on Friday 13th March and at time of writing we will remain in a locked down state until the end of May.  April was a […]

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

I encourage our active and fit students to maximise their vitamin and mineral intake to improve their training, energy levels and immunity. Speaking from experience, following this suggested daily routine like this one will benefit your health and vitality, enabling you to perform consistently at a higher level. For more information read The Benefits of […]

Homemade Wholesome Pizza

I love Pizza. I mean I really, really, really love pizza. So much so that back in 2015, I invested in buying my own outdoor wood fired pizza oven and had it bricked into my back garden.  The model we got was the Primo from the Stone Bake Oven Company.  I knew nothing about making […]