Your Relationship with Fitness

Today, I want talk about your personal relationship with fitness. Are you in a positive relationship with your own fitness/movement? Is it good, bad or somewhere in between. If you have a good relationship with fitness, then well done. Maybe you’ll be able to use this winning formula to empower another area of your life […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

It’s March 2011, I’m standing surrounded by thousands and thousands of people all chanting, NOW I AM THE VOICE. The energy is so intense it’s like something from an arena music gig. On stage is this huge man with the biggest smile and whitest teeth I’ve ever seen.  With ease he conducts us through what […]

Microwave Society

It’s hard to ignore that we live in a microwave society. Pretty much anything that we want, from a material perspective, we can get instantly. If we don’t have any money, we can borrow it form the bank!  Got a bad credit rating? Somebody else, another finance company will give us credit and then charge […]


It’s 6am on the 7th of April. It’s day 13 of the COVID-19 Government advised lockdown. The suns about to come up.  As I walk out the front door I turn to see the moon as it dominates the nights sky.  The last time I seen the moon like that I was in Rythmia it’s […]

Dealing With Isolation

With the Covid-19 epidemic in full swing, here in the UK, we are all being urged to stay at home and self isolate as much as possible. This brings with it many challenges. I say “challenges” because although things seem surreal and impossible right now, there are ways to deal with it effectively and stay […]

Goal Setting 2020

It’s a time of year when many set goals and go out, pursuing and achieve them. It’s also a time of year when New Years resolutions are declared with the best of intentions with many falling by the way side as quickly as they have been said.  You will know what group you fall into. […]

My Top 5 Guided Meditations

Back in 2013 I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed out. Family, life and business pressures were all taking there toll on me. Looking for a way to manage stress and regain focus, I started to get into mindfulness and meditation.  I started by trialing various different apps before I found headspace. I spent a […]