Health And Self Care

Let’s talk about health and self care. In these last few weeks a couple of people have mentioned that I am always up beat and strong. I recognise why they are saying this but the truth is sometimes I’m down and at times I feel insecure and weak. To be fair, I very seldom allow […]

Battling Back Pain (Weekly Review)

My week in review 17th – 24th Feb.  Overall this has been a challenging but productive week. I have been rehabbing my back after an intense spasm on Saturday morning.  Thankfully I’m now back to full fitness and ready to push forward again and achieve the fitness and physique goals I’ve set myself in 2019. […]

How Can I Be More Productive?

Following on from last weeks blog, here is the exact daily system I use to keep myself accountable and to make sure I’m embedding all the positive habits I need to be as effectively productive as possible. The system I use is simple straight forward and effective. Remember that common sense isn’t always common practice. […]

How Do I Achieve Success?

Success is in the small daily activities.  Your own daily rituals and routine will determine the level of results you achieve in any given endeavour. An essential part of being successful is a solid daily routine.  When we have an area of life we want to change or improve the first thing we should look […]


I’ve been journaling now since 2014. I started it on the advice of my mentor Andy Harrington and my first ever mind coach Brian Costello.  Then after reading the excellent book Essentialism, The disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeown I realised I was a journalist in its truest form. Here is the template I use […]