Covid-19 Update

Following the Scottish Government announcing a full national lockdown on the 4th of January, we are required by law to close the gym until further notice. Our online coaching service will still be available from the 7th of January. Follow the link below for more information. 

DMC Blog

The Trap Bar Deadlift

Have you ever walked into a gym recently and noticed a really big hexagon shaped barbell and asked yourself “what do you do with that?”

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Isometrics In Exercise

Have you ever tried to push or pull something really heavy and found your muscles getting really tired without anything actually moving? Have you wondered

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Strong Hands

A guide to wrist and hand care. Your hands and wrists are probably the most used parts of the your body. Just think how many

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Happy Feet

Building the foundation of your body from the ground up The feet and ankles are used more than any other part of the body (except

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Lockdown Home Routine

Today I am sharing a 3 part home training routine with options for novice/ beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  This is a bodyweight routine so no

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Immunity In Practice

Guest post by CJ .M. Swaby Lets face it, if you weren’t too fussed about the function of your immune system, with the recent  COVID-19

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