Resistance Bands and Exercise

Have you ever wondered why resistance bands are so versatile and challenge your body so much in many different ways? Let me share with you a bit of history! Resistance bands were originally utilised during the early 20th century to help people rehabilitate after muscle injuries and in the treatment of cardiac rehab patients. This […]

Isometrics In Exercise

Have you ever tried to push or pull something really heavy and found your muscles getting really tired without anything actually moving? Have you wondered why? There is a simple scientific reason for this which I’d like to explain in this blog. This type of movement is called an isometric contraction, which basically means that […]

Strong Hands

A guide to wrist and hand care. Your hands and wrists are probably the most used parts of the your body. Just think how many times you use your hands when waking up in the morning, you switch off your alarm, you have a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed all before starting your day. […]

Happy Feet

Building the foundation of your body from the ground up The feet and ankles are used more than any other part of the body (except the hands) on a day to day basis. This area of the body allows us to do so much from the minute we start walking as a child, and for […]

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation

I encourage our active and fit students to maximise their vitamin and mineral intake to improve their training, energy levels and immunity. Speaking from experience, following this suggested daily routine like this one will benefit your health and vitality, enabling you to perform consistently at a higher level. For more information read The Benefits of […]

COVID 19 Home Routine

Today I am sharing a 3 part home training routine with options for novice/ beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  This is a bodyweight routine so no equipment needed.  Here are the quick links for those who want to go straight in. For those who need a little more coaching / direction here’s what to do.  Clear […]

Immunity In Practice

Guest post by CJ .M. Swaby Lets face it, if you weren’t too fussed about the function of your immune system, with the recent  COVID-19 pandemic  wrecking everything from your health, our social fabric  to the global economy, it would seem that immune support has grabbed  the public attention – and rightly so. Immune function […]

Exercising during Covid-19

Preparing for lockdown…  As the COVID 19 Pandemic spreads it’s imperative that we prepare for lockdown.  If you are worried anxious and stressing about your health then get in touch we can help you improve this very quickly.  All of our clients are still enjoying their weekly coaching and accountability sessions. We have availability so […]