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Student Spotlight – Abi Judge

Name –  Abi Judge

Occupation –  Freelance TV producer

Approx length of time with DMC – Since 2016

How has personal training with DMC helped you in the following areas?

Professional life –

For me it has been particularly beneficial to how I’ve felt mentally and emotionally because the fitness helps me deal with stress but also Davie cares about you as a person, about you mentally and emotionally.  So whilst you are here the chats and the discussions you have help you to understand yourself better mentally and that has helped me in work and also just in my personal life as well to be able to deal with stressful situations and deal with the day to day stuff that I do in a better way and I can manage better now, and I have better coping mechanisms through working with Davie and working at DMC.

Your health and wellness –        

Since I started training with DMC I have lost something like 16½ inches of fat and I have lost around nearly 2 stone in weight.  I am much fitter, I feel much happier. I feel more confident about my body, I feel happier in myself.

A big part of why I came to DMC in the first place was that I had a hip disorder and I wanted to be able to prolong the life of my hip.  That was the original reason to come and get fit and work around it.  The difference in my physicality has been amazing and I don’t think that my hip would really have lasted as long had I not got as fit.

What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC?

The ethos of DMC and what it has taught me in my life and how to lead my life in a healthy way is that ‘everything in moderation’.  I can still go out and have a drink, I can still go out for dinner, I can go to gigs, I can do what I want to do as long as I am exercising and I am eating properly and I am being sensible.  So 80/20 was the big thing for me.  Being as good as I can be 80% of the time and then I can have 20% of the time I can do what I like. 

How would you describe your coach / the coaches? 

The crew are not pretentious in any way. They are good fun, knowledgable, excellent craic, really supportive and they really know their stuff.  They make you feel comfortable. They are not judgemental in any way, we have a proper laugh.

How would you describe the facility?

It’s not a big gym so you’re not surrounded by lots of other people mindlessly training with their headphones on. You’re engaged with your coach and the banter is awesome! Honestly, it’s hard work but it’s fun.

Why do you enjoy it so much?

For me, training at DMC on a Saturday is the start of my weekend, that is where it all begins.  We are on the training floor, there is not lots of people but the atmosphere is good, everybody is on a high, everybody is having good fun with their trainer.  There is a personal experience where you can all be involved in each other’s banter and you are working really hard but you are also having a really good time and you’re having a really good laugh and we all know each other.

What makes you want to come back?

I really enjoy being in the gym with Pablo, Davie, Julie, Grant and Steven and the other clients.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming along?

For anyone who is considering coming along to DMC I would say absolutely come for the consultation. Come and meet Davie, meet Pablo, Grant, Stephen and Julie and chat to them about yourself and about the ethos of DMC. I defy you not to be inspired by the people who are here and the story of this place. It is what hooked me in and I think come and give it a go and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.