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Student Spotlight – David Wood

Name –  David Wood

Age – 44

Occupation –  Project Manager, Civil Engineer.

Approx length of time with DMC – Since 2010 (9 years)

What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC? 

I train hard in strength, agility, cross training.  I am going back to my youth and doing some martial arts training, kick boxing with Davie and loving every minute of it.  Over the years I have explored kettle bells through DMC, I have got certification in kettle bells through DMC and with DMC’s help.  I’ve experienced and I’ve learnt how to eat, how to lift weights, power lift, move, mobility, recover, recuperate, you know, looking back, with DMC. 

How would you describe the experience so far?

To be honest with you, on many occasions I finish the session quite toasted but extremely happy and I walk away knowing that on the Friday and the Monday I will do my own training at the house, quite confidently ready to return on the Wednesday when my DMC session is.

How would you describe your coach / the coaches? 

Extremely competent, caring and professional trainers. Davie, Pablo, etc. They keep on top of you. They watch your every move in the gym. They make tweaks here and there. Tell you where you are going wrong and it’s about being educated to the main work of the day which in my case just now happens to be a lot of kick boxing and boxing drills and I am loving every minute of it.  I am at a far higher level than when I finished 20 years ago.

How would you describe the facility?

It is a well stocked gym, an extremely well stocked gym.

Why do you enjoy it so much?

I never find it hard to wake up for DMC, I never find it hard to motivate myself to come into the gym and also when I am at the house following through on a DMC fitness plan I never have any problem motivating myself to do them.

What makes you want to come back?

I try to take care of myself physically and that goes along with keeping myself mentally and emotionally happy, a bit cliched but Strength for Life – that is what I aim for. DMC helps me accomplish this.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming along?

It will probably be the best personal decision for your fitness and your well being that you could take.  Trainers are superb, the atmosphere is good, it is a learning experience, there’s just no downsides to be honest.  It is positive on every level; physical,  mental, emotional. I get a lot more out of it than they take