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Student In The Spotlight: James Stuart

James Stuart Dead lift

Name: James Stuart

Occupation: Student/tinder expert

Started with DMC: March 2014

How has Fitness training with DMC helped you in the following areas?

Professional life:
Training has helped my professional life by teaching me valuable skills such as goal-making, setting out plans to achieve those goals, and having the discipline to see them through.

Personal Life:
The biggest way that training with DMC has helped my personal life is by helping me be more confident. Confidence has helped with my Asperger’s and allowed me to comfortably meet new people in situations I would’ve avoided before. Being able to put myself in uncomfortable situations has helped me be able to work effectively as part of a sailing team.

Training has become a very important part of my weekly routine since I started going to DMC. Training has provided me a discipline to channel my energy into, this was especially important when I was at school as I found it difficult to fit in due to my Asperger’s and often had issues with both students and teachers. Neither causes problems for me anymore ;). The second time training really helped me was during the lockdowns. With restrictions in place being cooped up at home was very difficult to deal with. Training for powerlifting allowed me to focus my energy and was a goal to work towards. As a result, I managed to unofficially break a Scottish bench pressing record. Since then my best is 142.5kg paused.

Your Health and Wellness:
My training has carried over benefits to everyday life, I can go cycling or hill climbing without getting tired. Additionally, increased strength has functional benefits such as being able to do strenuous tasks without having to worry about potential injury.

What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC?
Two of the most important skills I have learned from my time with DMC have been learning to discipline myself and warming up/prehab exercises to keep my body healthy while I train.

How would you describe your coach/the coaches?
I have had most of my coaching from Grant, Grant always creates a very laid-back and enjoyable training experience while ensuring the intensity required to improve is there.

How would you describe the facility?
DMC is the cleanest gym I have ever trained at. The equipment is high-end, with a lot of equipment for functional training.

Why do you enjoy training with DMC?
I enjoy training with DMC as they provide a level of accountability and consistency to my training all while maintaining an easygoing and friendly atmosphere.

What Makes you want to come back?
I want to return to DMC as they can always teach me new skills and exercises. Most recently I had a pain in my hip that had stopped me from squatting comfortably for a number of months, Grant was able to help identify the issue and teach me an exercise to strengthen the weak area. And now I’m back to squatting pain-free again!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming along?
I think it’s a great idea to go and give DMC a shot, when first starting to train it’s great to have someone to hold you accountable and help motivate you while also teaching you how to train safely.