Stress And Its Effects

On The Body

If there was ever a time where you should not recreate the wheel it is now. 

The video below featuring Dr Bruce Lipton demonstrates what happens to our bodies when way too much cortisol is manufactured in our physiology. In a side note, how epic are our bodies. The chemistry that goes on is incredible.

Prof. Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell biology specialist, explains the influence of stress on the human body.

The majority of clients who start my program are chronically stressed so I have to improve this as quickly as possible.

It’s all about self care and the daily routine and rituals you have. 

I can tell a lot about someone’s health and vitality by reviewing their daily schedule.

Worried about your health, confused by all the information out there ? Don’t know how or where to start then get in touch. Myself and the DMC Crew would love to help.

Until next time “Strength for life”,


Davie McConnachie, creator of DMC Fitness and Dynamic Mind Conditioning, is an expert health and wellness coach, multi-award winning motivational speaker, award-winning gym owner, writer and published poet.

Athletically, Davie has competed nationally in MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing, and internationally in kettlebell sport. Davie enjoyed the London Marathon, several half marathons and is a regular mountain trekker.