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Student Spotlight – Nikola Kelly

Nikola Kelly After

Name:- Nikola Kelly

Occupation:- Managing Director

Approx length of time with DMC:– Since 2018

How has Fitness training with DMC helped you in the following areas?

Professional life:-

I first met Davie and Pablo 11 years ago when Pablo was my personal trainer in a commercial gym. At that point, I lost over 3 stone and dropped from a size 14 to a size 6. My confidence grew massively in and out of work but my career advanced quickly thereafter and I believe that a lot of this is based on the confidence and focus I developed from training with Pablo.

Personal life:-

I am much happier and more content. I have more energy to play with my 4 children and spend time with my husband as well as a demanding job.

My weekly sessions at DMC help me deal with stress. Being a mother of 4, a wife, and running a business can be demanding at times, and my training sessions clear my head when things could get tough mentally thus resulting in me having a better relationship with my family, friends, and colleagues.

Your health and wellness:-

Ironically, I was more tired when I didn’t train. I thought a lot about what I ate and although I would go through periods of doing some exercise, I would find excuses not to go to the gym and then feel guilty for it. At DMC, the time is in my diary, so I don’t miss it! I also had to think about what dress size to buy online which sucked!

Now that I am training. I feel awesome. I am confident and happy. Training at DMC is tough, Pablo and the team really do push me but that’s what I want. After my fourth baby, my daughter would sometimes ask when I was having another baby as I had a bit of a tummy. Not anymore, she now says that mummy looks strong and that is the example I want to set for them. I love that my girls know I train and hope they will too in the future. We eat fresh and healthy as a family which is important as I do love good food.

What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC?

Kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, mobility, foam rolling, the importance of stretching

How would you describe your coach / the coaches?

Pablo is an amazing personal trainer – he is incredibly technical and experienced. He knows how hard to push you to get results and he does get results, quickly. I am so happy to have met him as the impact he has had on my personal mindset, confidence, relationships with people, and career let alone the way I look/feel is huge. I don’t think I would be where I am if I hadn’t. I was lucky to sail through 4 pregnancies/births and I believe that was due to the strength Pablo helped me build. I had never been in a gym before meeting Pablo, I remember feeling nervous and if someone would have said that Pablo has me sometimes squatting 5 stone on a Friday morning, I would never have believed it.

Davie is inspirational.  He has a great story and is so passionate about fitness. It is a delight to see the success that DMC has become but that is based on the fact these guys deliver.

How would you describe the facility?

Very well-equipped and clean. New equipment is invested in frequently.

Why do you enjoy it so much?

It is the only time each week I get to myself and it’s precious. I leave happy and focused ready to tackle anything. I get fitter, get to wear nicer clothes, and have fun at the same time! It is just brilliant.

What makes you want to come back?

The culture. The time I have to develop my health and fitness with the best personal trainers in Glasgow. This place is priceless, there is nowhere in Glasgow like it.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming along?

Do it. I took a break from training with these guys and wish I never had.