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Student Spotlight – John Rae

Name –  John Rae

Age – 41

Occupation – Chartered Surveyor

Approx length of time with DMC – 11 years

How has personal training with DMC helped you in the following areas?

Personal life –

Boxing training is great fun and has been great for my fitness. It has also excellent for my self confidence in terms of being confident that I can look after myself.

Your health and wellness –    

Previously my training had been a mish mash of things that I had picked up from various fitness advisers in gyms but after training with Davie it became clear that there was a real lack of structure to it. My average visit to the gym last around two hours and I seemed to have reached a plateau in terms of fitness and strength.

Over the last 18 months Davie has halved the average time that I spend per visit to the gym, yet I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have before.

What new skills have you learned during your time with DMC? 

So after moving away from football, I still had a bit of competitive juices flowing and I was looking for something else to do so we stepped up the boxing training and we worked our way towards a white collar boxing match.

How would you describe your coach / the coaches? 

The atmosphere in the gym is great. Everyone clearly gets on really well.  The other guys and girls in the team have great levels of expertise as well.  Having trained here in this facility for a number of years I have trained with all the trainers here and it has always been great fun.  When it’s not Davie it is a pretty seamless transition. The guys have different strengths and different ways of training, but it is always a really high standard and most of all, good fun.

How would you describe the facility?

The equipment is absolutely fantastic, there is plenty of it. There is a great atmosphere within the gym.  Everything in here is first class.  Some of the bits of equipment that Davie brings in you have never seen before and you don’t have a clue what you think you can do with them but you quickly learn.

What makes you want to come back?

Davie has introduced things such as kettlebells and body weight exercises that I had never even thought about before and he keeps me on my toes with regular changes to the programme. Almost every time there is a either a new routine or theory behind it which keeps me motivated and always wanting to come back.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming along?

If you are thinking about coming along to DMC one of the biggest things is to come with an open mind. If you have been out of exercise or not been doing exercise for a while, you might see people in gyms and be a bit intimidated but it is a learning curve here.  You will be taught how to do things properly.  You won’t get rushed to do anything. You will do things when you are ready and you’re capable. You will also get the background to it as to why you are doing it and small changes you can make to your lifestyle and diet, etc., that will help compliment the training.

Over the years I have encouraged friends and colleagues to come and train with DMC and some of them now have been training for a number of years with Davie.  It is a personal recommendation, so you don’t give personal recommendations unless you feel comfortable and confident that the person you are recommending is going to do a good job and you are always certain of that here.  If people embrace what they are learning and put in the effort they will get fantastic results and I am always happy to try and recommend people here because it has been great for me and it should be great for them as well.