Homemade Wholesome Pizza

I love Pizza. I mean I really, really, really love pizza. So much so that back in 2015, I invested in buying my own outdoor wood fired pizza oven and had it bricked into my back garden.  The model we got was the Primo from the Stone Bake Oven Company.  I knew nothing about making […]

2020 so far

We’re around a third of the way through 2020 and it’s been a wild ride so far. Today I’m taking the time to collect together and reflecting on the content that we’ve shared this year so far. 2019 in Review A look back on the year that was 2019 and reflection on the professional and […]

Microwave Society

It’s hard to ignore that we live in a microwave society. Pretty much anything that we want, from a material perspective, we can get instantly. If we don’t have any money, we can borrow it form the bank!  Got a bad credit rating? Somebody else, another finance company will give us credit and then charge […]

COVID 19 Home Routine

Today I am sharing a 3 part home training routine with options for novice/ beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  This is a bodyweight routine so no equipment needed.  Here are the quick links for those who want to go straight in. For those who need a little more coaching / direction here’s what to do.  Clear […]


It’s 6am on the 7th of April. It’s day 13 of the COVID-19 Government advised lockdown. The suns about to come up.  As I walk out the front door I turn to see the moon as it dominates the nights sky.  The last time I seen the moon like that I was in Rythmia it’s […]

Immunity In Practice

Guest post by CJ .M. Swaby Lets face it, if you weren’t too fussed about the function of your immune system, with the recent  COVID-19 pandemic  wrecking everything from your health, our social fabric  to the global economy, it would seem that immune support has grabbed  the public attention – and rightly so. Immune function […]

Exercising during Covid-19

Preparing for lockdown…  As the COVID 19 Pandemic spreads it’s imperative that we prepare for lockdown.  If you are worried anxious and stressing about your health then get in touch we can help you improve this very quickly.  All of our clients are still enjoying their weekly coaching and accountability sessions. We have availability so […]

Art of Functional Movement

It’s the 10th of October 2018, and I’m sitting on my balcony in our apartment in Turkey. It’s mid day and I’ve just finished my movement and stretching practice.  I’m in a holiday village. In the distance I can hear the joyful cries of children having fun.  On my phone, I am playing a video […]