Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

What’s the Difference? When I talk to potential clients about what they would like to achieve, one of the most common answers is, “I want to lose weight”. Although this is what they say, it isn’t actually what they want. Confused? Stick with me and you won’t be. First thing we need to understand is… […]

DMC’s Top 5 Health Hacks at Work

In the fast paced corporate world that many execs live in, the most valuable commodity they have is time. Busy schedules, intense projects, daily meetings and targets to achieve all apply pressure during the working day. Many of our clients when they first come to meet us are unhealthy and stressed out due to the […]

DMC’s Top Tips for Personal Mental Health

In honour of mental health awareness week, I would like to bring you DMC’s top tips for mental health. Let’s get started with…. Water Drink water first thing when you wake up and throughout the day. This is important because a chronically dehydrated body is effectively like trying to drive a car without fuel. We […]


As I continue my series of blogs on Health and Self Care, I thought today I would bring you the power word, OPTIMISATION. Optimisation is the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. So I am deep diving into all my roles and responsibilities and setting my intentions, […]

Student Spotlight – Nikola Kelly

Name:- Nikola Kelly Age:- 35 Occupation:- Managing Director Approx length of time with DMC:– 12 months How has Fitness training with DMC helped you in the folowing areas? Professional life:- I first met Davie and Pablo 10 years ago when Pablo was my personal trainer in a commercial gym. At that point, I lost over […]