Movement is Medicine

*Disclaimer always consult your health care professional i.e. GP or Physio if you are unsure of exercising.* Mobility is medicine I heard that saying a few years ago. On the same weekend, I heard someone say I don’t need a gym my bodies the gym. Both sayings very true and the older I’ve gotten the more […]

The Line of Choice

Today I would like to share with you a technique I use to keep me moving forward in life. It’s also a technique I use when I need to pick myself back up after falling over which happens quite a bit. I always make sure that I fall forwards though. The truth is I didn’t […]

Enjoying Healthy Eating

If you are anything like us you will be extremely busy, busy in your career, busy finding the time to be healthy active and motivated. Busy looking after young ones and being a responsible parent or a mix of all of the above. With that comes time pressures and challenges finding time for being healthy. […]


In this blog, I share tools and techniques that I’ve picked up since beginning my coaching career in 2005. These are techniques and tools that help me to consistently stay within a state of happiness. Point to note here. I am an innovator, not an inventor everything I share I’ve learned along the way. For […]

The Art of Skipping

In this blog I share a brief short history of the art of skipping (jumping rope) and a series of videos that will get you jumping rope like a pro. I absolutely love skipping it’s a love I have nurtured over 10 years. I wish I had always loved it but I didn’t. At first […]